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The capitol of the Gerudo Province and seat of Gerudo Chiefdom. Built from the Spring of Deva'neen this walled city shines a jewel in the desert.   Per tradition, voe are not allowed within the walls of the city.   Known as Gerudo City to outsiders, it is the largest single Gerudo settlement in the desert. It is also the first and possibly only Gerudo settlement that any singular non-Gerudo would ever visit due to its proximity to the Gerudo Canyon and the relative difficulty involved with crossing the entirety of the desert. The city itself is carved out of the original sandstone which sits under the Spring of Deva'neen. The actual shape of the city mimics that of ancient Gerudo temples to Deva'neen, with a main entrance to the north-west. This represents an opening to allow Deva'neen into the space to still access her holy locations that the city is built on.
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