Gerudo Province

One of the largest provinces of the Kingdom of Hyrule, making up the south-west with a seemingly endless desert of sand and rock bordered by high cliffs and impassable mountains. The provincial seat is held at Ma'dina deep in the Gerudo Desert.


While the desert is mostly inhabitated by the Gerudo, a handful of other people's round out the minority of the the population. Most of these are Hylian or Shiekah men, with some traveling Rito and Goron merchants.   Additionally, along the outskirts of the province, the marauding Yiga hide in shadows and hard to access canyons.


The entire province is overseen by the Za'iba, with the help of her six sister Zaiem in each of the other clans. Together, the seven Gerudo women handle ensuring the provinces safety and provision of highly skilled warriors and specialty trade to Hyrule in the east.


The impressive Gate of Riju finished construction in 127NH, spans the western end of the Gerudo Canyon. It's massive structure provides temporary living quarters for travellers into and out of the desert, while also doubling as a emergency fortress that can be defended from either side.
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