Kingdom of Hyrule

An independent nation located in Central Hyrule. The Kingdom is ruled by the Hylian Royal Family. The Kingdom also sits as one of the five Unified Kingdoms and further acts as a physical proxy for each other nation due to the adaptability of the Hylians and the generally comfortable environment of the Kingdom. As such, Hyrule is positioned as central trade hub and source of a standing army for any outside threat.


The Kingdom controls, through multiple treaties, the following territories:
Central Hyrule
Consisting of the land surrounded by the Regencia and Hylia rivers, to include the northern edge of Lake Hylia and the entirety of the Great Plateau. This is held by ancestral right dating to before the Unification War.
Akkala Province
North of Lanayru Province and east of Eldin Province, the Akkala region is held through trade treaties between the Goron Brotherhood and Zora's Domain.

Unified Kingdoms

Under the ancient alliance created between Hyrule, the Goron, the Zora, and the Gerudo the lands of Eldin Province, Lanayru Province and the Gerudo Desert and surrounding highlands have been under the economic and mercantile hand of Hyrule. These lands and their rulers are free to make and enforce their own laws and are expected to build up their own standing armies and defenses. In turn, Hyrule provides a trained land army to offer in support while also ensuring basic trade routes are upkept between these nations.   Rito's Range was folded into the prior Hylian Treaty of Unification via the Tabantha Trade Agreement, which also added the Tabantha Province to Hyrule's controlled Territories.  
Faron Province
With the granting of Earldom to House Kolcurra, the jungles of Faron were brought into the greater kingdom, improving trade and opening up Hyrule to more of the Eastern coast.
The Ordon Vasseldom
With the acquisition of Faron, trade between the Unified Hyrule and the nation-state of Ordon Province became possible without constant threat from raiders. Ordon has rejected falling fully under the Unified Kingdoms, taking instead a role as a Vasseldom, swearing allegiance to the Kingdom of Hyrule and subsequently its allies, but without the benefit of relations with the neighboring Gerudo people.
Necluda Province
Long held by the Shiekah, Necluda has benefited from a near symbiotic relationship with greater Hyrule. No explicit claim to Necluda has ever been made by Hyrule, but its people have lived there nearly as long as the kingdom has existed. It is believed that at one point, Hyrule's capitol was seated in Eastern Necluda, either at Fort Hateno or Hateno proper.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Unitary state
Rupees are the main currency used across Hyrule, though a system of simple exchange always permeates the economy.
Parent Organization
Official Languages
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