Sacred Road

The Goddess herself once traversed this route, healing the land and it's people. So too do I seek out the torments of Hyrule, to ease, to cleanse evil where it settles.   I will speak with the Queen, or whoever it is that sits on her throne.
Ishes Nimarin to the Hyrule Castle Guard
  A metaphorical road connecting various religious sites around Hyrule traveled in near constant pilgrimages by the religious priestesses of Hylia the road also connects many major settlements, allowing the Daughters of Her Grace to perform their duties as healers and judges for the common people.


All of the ancient roads, trails and highways were originally dirt, traveled by foot and occasionally horse. Most of the major routes that make up the road between cities are now laid with stone. The project was originally taken on by Antul the Fiery, 17th Grand Brother of Hylia, who sought to improve the safety of those traveling across Hyrule.   Additionally, several roadside rest areas have been built or improved upon, further increasing safety of travel.
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