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Kingdom of Frontonce

One of the first tribes of man to establish a long lasting nation, the Kingdom of Frontonce once rulled over Aps Frontonce. For years the tribes of man constantly fought over control of Nog Hhreud and its fertile lands. The frons knew that if they united under one banner that they could control the land. In 1196 BEM, the Frons and the first king of Frontonce was crowned the following year.

Conquest of the Drav

After Richard, King of the Frons was crowned, he believed that all the tribes of man should be united under one banner. He first looked to the north west, where the Drav were prone to infighting. In 635 BEM, the Kingdom invaded the Confederation and were quickly beaten back. Years went by as the confederation and the Kingdom became locked in a stalemate. The Kingdom of Frontonce would use this to shift their focus to the east and conquered the aloof Principality of Regnis. Unfortunately the Confederation had no interest in acquiring new lands and allowed the Kingdom to expand. With the newly aquired Ossen fleet, the Kingdom was able to launch a two front offensive that ended in the destruction of Confederations army. The six marshals were put to death and for the next 20 years the Drav experienced a brutal occupation by the Kingdom.

Conquest of the Ossen

With the war with the Drav at a stalemate, King Richard shifted his focus to the east. The Principality of Regis had become weak and complacent with the rise of corruption within the Princes court. King Richard approached the Principality and requested 10,000 troops in return for gold and gems. The Prince quickly accepted and a bulk of his forces were sent to the front line with the Kingdoms war with the Confederation of Drav. Within moths the troops that were sent were dead. What followed was a swift offensive from the Kingdom of Frontonce. Much of the principalities forces were taken by surprise and within 2 years the Kingdom of Frontonce slowly destroyed the principalities armies. Eventually the Kingdom laid siege to the capital of Ajastia. During the siege several Noble Houses gathered and murdered Prince Galo. They offered the Kingdom his head as a offering to spare their lives. The Kingdom responded by launching dead cow carcasses over the city walls. Months later the Kingdom of Frontonce lifted the siege and conquered the empty city.

Unity with the Duish

The Duish were the only tribe of man that didnt clash with the Frons. Many tribes of Duish lived side by side with the Frons and freely crossed bloodlines. When the Frons crowned their first king, many tribes joined the Kingdom of Frontonce. Other arranged deals with the Kingdom, many Duish were able to live free and peaceful lives as long as they payed the taxes.


The Sons of Frontonce were the original founders and inhabitants of Frontonce. They founded the capital 20 years after The Sons crowned a king to unite all Frons of Nog Hhreud. In the early days of the Order, they were welcomed by the king to preach throughout the territoies as they believed them to be righteous order of Knights who would help defend the kingdom from the unnatural horrors of the Old Gods. In the following years the Sons would come to learn of the Orders thirst for power over all the lands.
The Sons are a shell of their former kingdom. Many have fled far from Nog Hhreud and have been given asylum by different kingdoms and organizations. In the western territories of the old kingdom, there are large pockets of resistance that continue to fight against the order.

Demography and Population


The Sons of Frontonce is made up of different races of man. Ethnically the kingdom is made up Frons and Duish. As the kingdom has shattered, they have been given safe passage by other races and nations.


Currently the Kingdom of Frononce is 


Over the last five years the Sons of Frontonce have lost almost all of their territories. Currently they have been forced into smaller less noticeable settlements.

Rise Again

Past Noble Houses

Current Noble Houses

  • House Blanc

Founding Date
1195 BEM
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Sons of Frontonce
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Judicial Body
The king has all power when it comes to the rule of law.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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