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House of Lyons

The Lyons Family were long time supporters of Guiscard the Holy since he created The Order in 4600 BCE. At the time several members of the family were Bannerman of Frontonce under the command of Guiscard. As the family was highly superstitious, when they witnessed the power that he possessed they were quick to offer their devotion to what they believed was a new ago of Gods. Soon a rite of passage for the men of the family became a pilgrimage to Guiscard place of birth, the city that would be later named Saint Guiscard. Over the decades their devotion would grant them high positions within the newly established churches. With these positions of power, the Lyons Family would establish themselves as one of the main houses of The Order. Faith in the New Gods spread like wildfire as the Old Gods continued to unleash unholy creatures upon the lands.    The loyalty of the rising house would be tested when Albena the Silent broke away to establish the Dominion of Silence. Many of the older members of the family would see this as a revitalization in their efforts to cleanse the lands of the Old Gods, as Albena vowed a renewed effort in the battle against the Old Gods. This vow came at a important time as many in the older generation believed that Guiscard grew complacent.    In the weeks following the families slip became a powerful reminder of the families loyalty to Guiscard. As members of the family packed their belongings to follow Albena north; their brothers, cousins and grandchildren gather to see them off. Without word or warming family turned on each other. When the chaos subsided, the heads of those who were to abandon the families log held faith in the first New God, were gather and offered as gifts to Guiscard.


The wealth and assets of the House of Lyons is a mystery due to unchecked control over the church and its finances. Its believed that thousands of Ausom has been stolen to finance the families lavish lifestyle and a large standing household army.

The Lions of God

Founding Date
4398 BCE
Related Ethnicities

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