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The Frons are a tribe of man that originated in the south western part of Nog Hhreud in the shadow of the Andalashin Mountain Range. They would eventually migrate north west and settled in the heart of the continent beside many tribes of elves. The heart lands were fertile and the forests stretched for miles. The tribes of elves that had lived in the region had spent centuries carefully cultivating the lands without leaving behind a large impact on the environment. Decades would pass as the Frons and the tribes of elves would constant clash leading to resentment and even small military conflicts. Eventually the tribes of man would unite under the understanding that the land and its resources were their own for the taking. What would follow would be 500 years of widespread genocide that would leave millions displaced or dead. The Frons would establish themselves as the masters of the continent and spend centuries ruling the lands with an iron fist. These events would set in motion a change in the Frons beliefs that would give way to a new form of religion that would place themselves as Gods among the rest. In time the Frons would even alter the recorded history of the world and bring forth a new age of man with several holding power that rivaled the Gods of old. 


Shared customary codes and values

The Frons have a superiority complex that is shared by a majority of the population. Many craftsmen and scholars will often describe Fron works to be considered the best throughout the world despite its flaws.

Art & Architecture

Fron art is often describes as the best in the world. While some of the greatest paintings in the world reside in the castles of Fron nobles, many were stolen from other cultures & faiths to be passed off as Fron masterpieces. Fron architecture ranges from simple to over the top. Most Fron architecture is simple wood framed with red clay tiled roofs and makes up the majority of homes. Where the homes of nobles and government buildings are constructed completely out of stone with the same simple red clay roof tiles.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Customs and traditions have changed drastically for the Frons over the centuries. In years passed they participated in events and calibrations to the Old Gods. Many would give offering to the Sky Father or the Earth Mother in the hopes of rain and a good harvest. When the Frons became more agnostic, they would take part in celebrations that would mock or insult the Gods in an attempt to force a reaction. Eventually the Church of Man would be established most would flock to the new religion. 


Courtship Ideals

Marriage is more comparable to a business transaction for the Frons. A majority of the time, two fathers from a household will get together and arrange a marriage. The father of the intended husband will offer either a large dowry or a equal amount in a certain good or business arrangement. After an agreement is arranged, a celebration is arranged to take place in the towns center where the town is invited to celebrate in the union. More wealthier families will arrange a more private event where nobles or other wealthier families are only invited to.

Fron Complexion:

Frons have a pale white complexion despite the fact that Nog Hhreud has comfortable temperate weather year round. Their hair color ranges from dark brown to auburn hair. Their eye color ranges from blue to green with a small part of the population having hazel eyes. 

Naming Traditions

Feminine Naming:

Aalis, Cateline, Johanne, Etc.

Masculine Naming:

Amis, Enguerrand, Guiscard, Vauquelin, Etc.

Family Names:

Aubert, Côté, Fortier, Roux, Tremble, Etc.  

Estimated Fron Population: ~6.8 Million

Although Fron's are native to Nog Hhreud, behind the Duish they are the 2nd most wide spread race throughout Pangeria. This is in large part due to the Eperom Mari Trading Company. With the Duish making up a majority of the senior leadership, thousands of Frons are employed by the Company through the continents. This has also created much conflict through non Proto majority populated settlements. Outside of ethnic conflicts, the Frons still make up of the majority of the population throughout Nog Hhreud. The 2nd largest Fron population outside of Nog Hhreud is in the port city of Kampon in the Isles of Sand.

Gods & Deities

Historically the Frons prayed to many of the old deities and Gods of the time. Eventually they would become enraged that their prayers would remain unanswered. For a brief period of time before the Bloodletting, sometime around 620 BEM, many frons became agnostic and viewed the worship of Gods as foolish and dangerous. The Bloodletting would eventually occur as an attempt to not only steal the land away from the other non proto tribes that lived on the continent, but would also act as a cleansing of unwanted religions surrounding the newly agnostic Frons. Eventually a Fron by the name of Guiscard would elevate himself as the first of a new race of Gods.

Guiscard the Holy

Guiscard the Holy is the father of the New Gods. Its believed that he ate the heart of an Old God and granted himself the gift of immortality. It was by his decree that a new age of man would begin. From that day forward he calendars would mark the begin of him reign over the world. Centuries have passed as his followers have battled those who still cling to their faith in the Gods of Old.

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