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The Andalashin Federation

The Andalashin Federation have been the sole living inhabitants of Uper Brahru for centuries. During the Bloodletting, many dwarvin tribes feared that man would soon turn on them. While many of their beliefs were not as extreme as those of the elves, they feared than man would use their religions beliefs as an excuse to pillage and raid their mineral rich mountain homes. Many dwarvin tribes moved west and made their home in southern end of the Andalashin Mountain range, the Eperom Wall & the Whitestone Mountains. Several tribes of Man followed the dwarves as they had become friendly and even often arranged marriages between their tribes. What was built in the southern mountains of Uper Brahru has become a spiritual and military powerhouse that has aligned themselves with the Order of the White Sun since their rise to power.

Heads of Government


The Federation is made up of 6 Cantons. Each is an semi independent state that is governed by a warden and his council. For the most part each state sets out laws and regulations with their own state with the approval of the Chancellor.


The Chancellor is the head of the government of the Federation and has complete control over the 6 Cantons. While normally the cantons govern themselves, the Chancellor has the ability to overrule all state control and unite the 6 cantons in a single state during times of crisis or war.


The territory of the Federation is broken down into 6 cantons, each governed by a Warden.


  The Brightwood Canton stretches from the southern end of the Andalashin Mountain range to Brightwood Forest. Much of the Federations wood supply comes from this states healthy forests. The state is also prone to raids from the fallen Kingdom of Frontonce.
  • Derholm "The Forest Castle"


The Andalasho Canton is home to dozens of current and past mining towns.
Major Settlements:
  • Cerholm "The Mountain"

White Stone

The area between the Andalashin Mountain range and the Whitestone Mountains was the original home of the Federation. Before the tribes moved further into the mountains, several villages and small ports were built overlooking the White Stone Sea. The area is now the lifeblood of the Federation. Almost all trade moves through this state, making it the wealthiest state in the Federation.
Major Settlements:
  • Linholm "The River Castle"
  • Albholm "The White Castle"

The Black Lakes

In stark contrast to the White Stone Mountains, the Black Lakes got their names from the murky waters below. Much of the work within the state is the transport of goods from the eastern end of the Federation to the western end. The state is a highway for good and is the halfway point in travel within the Federation.
Major Settlements:
  • Atrolm "The Black Castle"

Lone River

The Lone River Canton centers on the only river that goes east from the Eperom Wall. Home to the closest settlements between the Federation and the Teuta. Many of the men of this canton join the military and are stationed in the Eperom Canton.
Major Settlements:
  • Lone Hill


The Eperom Canton is a highly restrictive area that stops all travel to the west into Teuta territory. The only settlements in this area are a series of forts at the norther, central and southern passes of the Eperom Wall.
Major Settlements:
  • Kasterlom "The Castle"
  • Akholm "The Stone Castle"

Hammer of the Righteous

Founding Date
521 BEM
Geopolitical, Stratocracy
Alternative Names
The Federation
Power Structure
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities


The Federation is often called simple minded and unoriginal. Many of their settlements are similarly named. Most are called castles even when they are just small settlements. Even the names of its citizens are often the same. Some families have named sons the same name.

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