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House Chevalier

Originally a semi-wealthy merchant family from the city of Aps Frontonce, the Chevalier family have experienced great fortune in recent years after helping Guiscard the Holy in his war against the Old Gods. Unlike other Fron families, their wealth was built by Eudes grandmother Jeannine. It was uncommon for the women of the family to be the head of the household, but Jeannine's cunning and talent for silk weaving created a bountiful business. However the family didn't rise into prominence within the city until Eudes father, Noham, struck a deal with The Company to expand their trade routed to Aps Frontonce. This deal catapulted the Chevalier family into being the most powerful family in the city.


Aps Frontonce

  The Capital of The Order has been ruled by House Chevalier since Eudes Chevalier was crowned King in 4595 BCE.


The Mining town of Libax was given to Queen Eléonore Chevalier as a gift by her husband King Eudes Chevalier. Since then the family has accumulated a vast amount of wealth from the trading of precious metals and gems.

We Guide through the Darkness

Founding Date
5284 BCE
Political, Family
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