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WorldEmber 2023 Pledge

Making Promises

Written by Endrise

10.000 Words? While you have work to do? That's how a mad man is made!
— My inner thoughts

WIth WorldEmber a few weeks away, it is time for the annual pledge to be made. Since I'm right now in a position that I'm not sure whether it would be possible to do my pledge properly, I'll keep stuff simple this year around. Hopefully being able to complete it too.

So what's the theme of the year?

As of right now I have been heavily focused on the outsider worlds of my setting, stuff like the Infernal Realm and the Faelands. So to add alongside that, I'll be focusing my attention on expanding those domains with named figures and more details of Fabulae's cosmology.

  What would that hold? Well...
  • Building up more Aspects of Sin and their respective domains.
  • Creating regions of the Faelands and the Archfae that rule over them.
  • Discussing the history and lore regarding them
  • Maybe some fun items and documents related to them?
  • Alongside that, I might also build upon other outsider areas like the Angelic Realm and the Elemental planes. Definitely no shortage on options of what I can work on!

    Mini-Metas and Organising

    As of right now I find Fabulae does not exactly live up to some of its more fantastical elements, so I want to somewhat change that during this month. Build upon the weirdness that a world full of Fae and other abstract creatures can create, from the weirdness of sorcery bloodlines to the more unique ways outer worlds live a day-to-day life.   Organising this all will be difficult since I'm going to be spending my time everywhere from the Plane of Air to the Faelands, so it's all going to go to their according places in the categories and parent articles. Whether that will look pretty I'm going to keep for another date.

    The Homepage

    The homepage of the Fabulae Anthology hasn't been touched in years, mostly because I haven't had time to update it that much. Right now I feel it is in a good position, with a solid introduction and cover art to show the world of adventuring and the bizarre people that live in it.   Maybe after WorldEmber can I consider doing new cover art and cleaning the homepage, maybe sort out all the categories that have been collecting dust. But that is a problem for future me.
    10.000 Words

    Some Inspiring Worlds!

    A world whose writing and ideas can lean into silliness so much that it rolls back into creativity. Plus it has some fun pictures!
    Do I have to say more? Great art, morbidly beautiful concepts for a corpse world, and the usage of CSS everywhere makes every article stand out more than the last one! Go read it!

    Cover image: Document Cover by Endrise


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    Nov 9, 2023 13:32 by Elspeth

    Good luck! Have a great WorldEmber. :)

    Jan 23, 2024 18:57 by Enoris Leinwand

    I come after the war, I'm afraid ! Congratulation for reaching your goal ! I'll go arround and look at what you've done !