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Reading Challenge 2022

Another year of Summercamp completed, another list of articles to read. As such, here is my entry for the Reading Challenge 2022!

Reading Challenge

Reading the Prompts

Prompt 1: A myth or urban legend about a "monster"

One thing that I admire about this is just the rather mythical nature a memory eater's appearance seems to be. Something I somewhat should focus more on too, since a lot of my mythical things stay pretty grounded design-wise.

Definitely something to keep in mind since I don't think I have a lot of "undying" legends. It's a common theme in some legends, and I'm kinda surprised I barely have any knowing my world has a theme of immortality.

Hanhula's article makes me realise also how few myths of mine can just be wholesome children tales. Often I have them be much darker or somewhat neutral, or have a "but" somewhere in them. So time to make some more positive stories in my setting.

Prompt 2: A technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery.

A simple article that makes me realise I should consider what lost forms of magic there exists in my world. Together with the nice css for the quotes, it makes me feel I might want to check up on my articles's layouts.
A lot of my tech I often focus too much on the "technological" aspects, forgetting sometimes it can be just methods of production. I should probably try to find ideas that focus on lost techniques or forging methods, see what forgotten cultural elements exist in my world.
I think something I also don't explore a lot with my work is the idea of more "terrifying" technology. Ideas that probably have a good reason to be abandoned or any attempts to rework it only show the horrors it caused. I should probably dive into that some day.

Prompt 3: Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys

I don't think I ever realised that mech suits and armours can be also considered as a form of vehicle. Perhaps something to consider when I produce a new article or make a mech in my setting.
One thing I rarely sit down to think about is how technology does evolve with time, and not a lot of my ideas often have that. Perhaps it could be good to focus on the changes and evolutions of vehicles and tech in my world, and see what changes occured in the decades since their creation.
I think having an element of not worrying too much about the realism of things and having fun with concepts should also be something to maybe work on in my setting. Glass Cannons also having an element of a ghost train does inspire me to maybe make some haunted vehicle myths.

The Future of Fabulae

Fabulae isn't probably going to change much in the upcoming months. Since I bother to get a grammar checker for my articles, I might look back at older articles and give them a go, expand upon them and maybe even pull some out of WIP. No major expansions planned, just a whole lot of cleaning up my setting and getting everything looking good.

See you all next Summercamp!

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