The Witch of Crowald

It is no secret that there used to be a coven of witches in the The Black Forest. The House of Acedia assisted Inquisitors to kill the coven.   Yet witches are terrifying creatures, and it is said that there was one that refused to die. The Witch of Crowald. Only a few survived from the raid, and their testimonies gave birth to a sinister legend of a witch that could not be killed. No matter how much it was slashed, stabbed or burned. The experience had forever scarred the survivors, and as they all died within the following years, it gave birth to the myth: 'The Witch of Crowald'   Ever to this day, people talk rumors about a mutilated and charred lady who wanders through the dark streets in Crowald, lurking in the alleyways. No one really knows what the witch really looks like, or whether they are actually even real. House of Acedia and The One Church were quick to cut off wings from such rumors. This has not stopped children from singing nursery rhymes about the witch of Crowald.   There is also the occasional drunk who says that they saw a woman who matched the description of mutilated and charred young woman with a long black hair.  

The truth

  While the myths themselves are just stories, there is a little to truth to them. The inquisitors who joined the fight, they did find a witch that could not be killed. And instead, they trapped her within an iron maiden and buried it under the The Black Forest in order to defeat the witch. The witch in question was known as the Black Monarch who proved to be almost unbeatable foe. While not everyone who took part in the raid against the witches coven died a few years after, it is undeniable that there were unexpectedly many deaths.   The Black Monarch has been sleeping inside her black casket ever since, unable to wake up. Her tomb is in the The Black Forest and it is under the vigilant guard of The One Church, who built a small monastery on top of the monarch's grave to keep it a secret. The monks within are all Inquisitors who are tasked at guarding the Black Monarch and the area that was used by the coven.


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1 Aug, 2022 10:39

Gotta love a good "person refuses to die" legend. I don't know much about witches in your setting, so I'm curious if the Black Monarch had any actual infamy, or the church buried an innocent woman alive.   At least she is asleep in there rather than having to be awake all the time.