Memory Eater

"There's a creature that is heard but never seen. There are very scant accounts of this creature existing. It's either a sly predator or a creature of myth. Pray we never have to find out it's the former."   ~ Unknown Scholar


Legends speak of a creature that eats the memories of individuals. It's a serpentine creature with multiple humanoid shaped heads. Its long body coiled around a large structure whilst its snakes its head around its environment. Its voice drones at a subsonic frequency unheard but still influencing those that hear it. Any sight of it is instantly erased as if the creature doesn't exist. As it enchants the populace the heads hover over sleeping individuals absorbing the psionic energies for sustenance. When the creature is nothing but a husk the Memory Eater will consume the body.   If its song is not heard the creature can be perceived and the unlucky individual will flay eyes upon the horrific creature. Its multiple heads staring at the unaffected individual its mouth dripping viscous drool in puddles. If the creature is slain any memories were consumed recently will return to the victim. Anything consumed later than 24 hours is lost completly.

Historical Basis

There is a possibility that this has some historical basis but it cannot be confirmed.


The legend of the memory eater is mainly spread via mouth. There are some written accounts of the legend but those books are very rare and highly sought after by book collectors.

Cultural Reception

The legend of the memory eater is more used as a scary story to scare children into being good lest the memory eater come and steal them away.

In Literature

A memory eater has been a creature in multiple horror and mystery stories. None of the books have gotten a lot of popularity.


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1 Aug, 2022 09:59

A simple idea, but I love the way you described the monstrosity. Definitely a scary creature to imagine seeing. I wonder if it having many humanoid heads has any significance, or even how many heads such monstrosities have to begin with.

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E. Christopher Clark
20 Aug, 2022 14:25

A great idea here, and definitely monstrous. I kinda find myself looking about the room now to make sure there isn't one in here with me.

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