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Daddario Dynasty |F|

Despite this family's short time of existence, they have been without a doubt the main influences and true rulers of the Western hemisphere. Their dragons give them the best military power even in the age of new technology but in truth, their immortality is their truest strength.


Kings of Dovahnor

Alex Daddario (A.k.a The Black Dread)

King Alex, the first monarch of Dovahnor, emerged as a formidable leader during the chaotic period following the Tyrant Virus outbreak. Displaying a preference for the title "King" to emphasize her authority, Alex leveraged her military and CIA experience to establish a secure stronghold in Vienna, Illinois, transforming it into a haven for those willing to submit to her governance.   In a race against rival territories, she expanded Dovahnor's control over a vast expanse, encompassing states such as Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and Virginia. Utilizing her unique abilities as a firebender and the power of dragons, Alex successfully defended her realm against both rival factions and the zombie threat.   Her personal life was marked by significant events, including her marriage to Daenerys Emilia Clarke and the tragic death of Emilia, leading to a retaliatory strike against the Sundom known as the first Blaze. Alex later remarried Maggie Rhee, combining their families into a unique and diverse household.   Alex's reign was marked by numerous conflicts and battles, each leaving a historical imprint—The Wilford Rebellion, The Savior War, The Whispers War, The Rio River War, Jacob's Rebellion, and the Confederacy War. Notable legal changes included designating Missouri as a female-only state and forming the Valkyries, an elite guard for the King, with her daughter Enid becoming the first Lorde Commander.   The war with the Confederacy, fueled by the resurgence of human slavery in the southern states, saw Alex's grown children taking charge, with Alice and Eivor playing pivotal roles in securing victory. The conflict culminated in a strategic siege and subsequent surrender, resulting in the integration of the Confederacy into Dovahnor.   As Alex aged, she passed the crown to her son Dixon at around 55 years old, opting for retirement alongside her queen Maggie. Despite stepping back from the throne, Alex continued to offer occasional advice to her son, opting for a more relaxed position in her later years.  

Dixon Daddario (A.k.a The Devil's Dog)

King Dixon inherited the throne from his mother in his mid-twenties, becoming the ruling monarch during a tumultuous time marked by the Tyrant Virus, a zombie outbreak that plagued the former United States. His younger half-sister, Alice, played a pivotal role in ending the virus by discovering an airborne cure. Despite the challenges posed by the zombie crisis, King Dixon's reign was relatively uneventful. One of the notable achievements of his rule was the establishment of a high-speed rail system that spanned the newly formed Divided States, contributing significantly to the rebuilding efforts.   However, King Dixon faced difficulties in bringing the southern states—Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida—to compliance during his reign. His efforts to unite these states with the rest of the nation proved to be a persistent challenge.   Throughout his rule, King Dixon and his queen, Jaemie, had two daughters named Merci, the eldest, and Marian (known as Hawke), the younger. As King Dixon aged into his mid to late fifties, he decided to pass on his crown to his oldest daughter, Merci, ensuring the continuity of the royal lineage. This transition marked a significant moment in the history of the Divided States as Merci took on the responsibilities of rulership.  

Merci Daddario (A.k.a The Dread Wolf)

King Merci's reign was marked by tumultuous events and mixed public perception despite her effective leadership. Standing at an imposing 7 feet and 1 inch, Merci faced both advantages and challenges due to her height.   Her childhood was marred by treacherous incidents, including an attempt on her life orchestrated by an Aesir ally seeking to manipulate the line of succession in favor of her sister Hawke. Merci survived, and the traitor faced the brutal punishment of the "Blood Eagle."   At the age of 10, Merci befriended Prince Kadaman Carja of the Sundom, developing a secret romance with him. However, tragedy struck at 14 when a previous friend betrayed her. The altercation led to Merci's stabbing, causing a ban on mentally ill persons from entering the Daddario home castle.   As Merci navigated political complexities, she faced challenges in relationships, including the death of her Orly princess love interest. A controlling cult, The Flock, targeted her family, leading to Merci's public humiliation and her retaliatory explosion at the Holy Sept, carried out by her sister Hawke.   During Hawke's absence, her actions led to the accidental start of a war with the Circle, prompting Merci to send her on a mission to Orly to remedy the unrest. Meanwhile, Prince Kadaman's betrayal by his father brought him to Dovahnor, where Merci saved and cared for him during his coma.   Given the title of King in her mid to late twenties, Merci's personal life took a romantic turn when she met Josephine Montilyet. Their relationship faced challenges, including a duel for Josephine's hand and an interruption by an arranged betrothal, but ultimately they married in a grand ceremony.   Political tensions escalated with Orly, leading to a destructive war and Orly's surrender to Dovahnor. Merci's reign was marked by strategic decisions, including sparing Orly citizens and paying reparations.   Merci's family expanded with three daughters, Lexa II, Lena, and Maëlys, born to Josephine and Prince Kadaman. Merci also raised her niece Clarke and cousin Debicki due to absent mothers.   Despite planning to pass the crown to Lexa II, Merci faced an unexpected twist when Lexa named Clarke her heir before abdicating. Forced to pass the crown to Clarke, Merci found herself shouldering the responsibilities once more, grappling with the challenges of leadership and parenting.  

Clarke II Daddario (A.k.a The Harbringer)


Freya Daddario (A.k.a The Enlightened One)


Cordelia Daddario (A.k.a The Punisher)


Queens of the Kings

Daenerys Clarke & Maggie Rhee


Jaeme Adler-Morgan


Kadaman Carja


Arteus Carja


Rosario Dawson


Prominent members

Enid Rhee-Daddario

Alex's adopted daughter during the apocalypse, Enid under Alex's guidance and training quickly rose to the position of Lord Commander of the The Valkyries2. The whole guard was started specifically for her by Alex.  

Maddox Daddario

As the brother of Dixon, Maddox had a lot of slack and less responsibility than his brother throughout their lives. Because of this, he was much more immature and prone to act impulsively in response to emotion than his brother. This impulsiveness eventually led to his death as he attacked a village known as Lake Town for having attempted to kill his dragon.  

Lauren Rhee-Daddario

Lauren is the biological child of Maggie Rhee with her first husband who had died before her birth. She was later adopted by Alex when Maggie remarried.  

Alice Daddario

Alex is the last born child of Alex Daddario and the most rebellious one.  

Marion "Hawke" Daddario (A.K.A World-Eater)

Hawke is arguably the most infamous Daddario of the household. She is reckless, aggressive, charming, volatile, and without morals, her level of exhilaration and thrill-seeking only matched by her sister, Merci's, stoicism and stiffness. Had the two not been born siblings, it would have been likely Hawke would have led the world into chaos and ruin.  

Lexa II Daddario

Originally destined to be king after her mother, Merci, Lexa abdicated the title in favor of her cousin after the two had witnessed a mysterious prophecy they both refuse to discuss with anyone. She instead becomes queen of the Sundom after leading a coup with her husband, Itamen Carja, against his older half brother and her half-uncle, Avad Carja.  

Lena Daddario

As the twin sister to Lexa, Lena had lived much of their childhood and teenage years in her shadow as her sister was meant to be king. As a young adult, she moves to Orlais and creates a fake identity to get away from the pressures of Dovahnor royalty. She works in the business of creating technology to better mankind as she still holds her family beliefs.


Alex's Reign

Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End or sometimes called Bote(pronounced boat) is in reference to the spread of the Tyrant Virus worldwide. At the time no one had a clue as of the causes, symptoms, or methods of infections and so the virus spread viciously fast. The virus had brought dead humans back to life. A more accurate description being, the virus reactivated a small part of the brain that controlled primal and basic instincts such as feeding and hunger, sense of smell, hearing, and gathering. The virus, discovered at a later time by Elisabet Sobeck, was capable of spreading by all modes of transmission. Air, water, rodents, birds, insects, direct contact, and bodily fluids. Once one person had been infected they needed simply to exist in order to spread it.

It was during the first months of a few cases popping up sporadically across the world that Alex had recognized what was happening. During the time of her capture and experimentation by Dr. Alexander Isaacs, he had talked at length about achieving her immortality and gifting it to those who deserved it and killing of the rest of the human population. Her escape had inadvertently interrupted his virus creation and accidentally released it. She was Patient Zero and the harbinger of the Tyrant virus.

The Dark Years

The Dark Years were the three following years after Bote. Alex during her time in Bote had gathered and kidnapped a list of people she deemed necessary to continue the civilization of the human race. These years consisted of establishing a territory, killing hordes of walkers, fighting and killing other groups, and instituting a hierarchy and laws. Alex had deemed herself king but was very open to challenges of which she received many. Opponents challenged her by brawns and by brains and she had won challenge after challenge. Despite how much she continued to prove herself, not only by defeating the challengers but by also keeping her people safe and relatively happy, people, more specifically men, continued to question and doubt her. They were looking for any reason to dismiss her, a woman, as the king. She tolerated them as she needed more people to continue conquering territory, but the extremist group that had formed continued to test her patience. They had taken it to far when they had approached her second-hand man Wes Bentley and propositioned him with becoming the "true king". Unbeknownst to them, Bentley was Alex's most loyal and dependable man and the father to her son Maddox. He played along and let the extremist group continue to incriminate themselves until they were ready to attempt an assassination. The group was raided right before they moved into play and Alex had ordered they be taken in alive.

The Dark Years are almost exclusively referring to this moment of time. Alex takes the survivors of the raid, as some had put up a fight and others had committed suicide, and publically displays them on a wooden platform with several rope nooses. The hanging station was specially made for this occasion. Each noose has a separate lever that operates the trap door below. She has ten men enter the ten nooses and is prepared to pull the lever when she abruptly stops. She has the ten men stripped nude as the crowd mumbles and mutters in confusion. Alex then gives a speech about how the ten think they're better than her simply because they have penises, but they won't for long. Then with a sickening pleasure, she castrates each of the ten men, not bothering to stop the bleeding. Still not satisfied with their punishment and seeing as how the crowd was turning against her, she gives another speech. This time the speech is about why she is punishing these men. These men endangered all of them by threatening to bring instability to the hierarchy because of how entitled they were. She reminds the crowd of how much they had accomplished and what they had to lose and that these men were willing to risk it all simply because they were men and she was not. The speech reaffirms and bolsters the crowd's confidence in her as they become visibly and verbally aggressive towards the castrated men. The speech especially reached out to the women who made up the majority of not only the crowd but the entire population of Dovahnor. The crowd who at the beginning were skeptical of the men's punishment were now calling for their deaths as they realized how they put their families in jeopardy. Satisfied with the level of the crowd's anger, Alex randomly selected one of the bystanders and asked to climb up onto the stage. The crowd quieted down as Alex asked the woman what had these men endangered for her and the woman responded that she had two children and a brother. Alex then gently took hold of the other woman's hand and placed it on a lever. "Protect your family." She had said and with after a few moments of hesitation, the woman pulled the lever and the crowd went into a joyous uproar.

The Red Years

The Red Years were only about two years long, probably less, but they were the period of time after the death of Alex's first wife, Daenerys Targaryen. Alex's whole reason for acting civil and furthering humanity was only for Daenerys and her sons. Having lost one of those reasons she lost complete interest in running the country of Dovahnor humanely. She blamed everyone for her death and took her anger out on anyone breaking the law. As the king, she had made it so that the punishment for breaking any law, no matter how insignificant or victimless, could be punished with execution. Anyone unlucky enough to garner Alex's attention during this time would be immediately executed. She had little patience and even less tolerance for criminal behavior. Simply being accused could end with the accused being sentenced to death with no trial. Wes Bentley in an attempt to placate Alex took over the majority of the kingdom while she was grieving, but cases always managed to find their way back to Alex. She wanted everyone to suffer and fear for their lives as Daenerys had in the last moments of her life.

Despite how brief this time was in Alex's reign, her opponents are always quick to point it out and remind her of lack of control over her emotions. Despite how she acted, Alex has no regrets about how she behaved. She was done wasting time and overprotecting her people. She was glad she had shown them just a small amount of her grief and truly bad things could get if she deemed it to be so.

The Coalition

The Coalition was between the people of Dovahnor, Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom. Despite the three settlements living within Dovahnor territory, Alex had hugely ignored them as they were unimportant to her and weren't causing any disruptions. Plus the distance between their settlements and Dragon's Heart didn't make it worth her time. That was until she discovered her adopted brother, Daryl Dixon Taylor, was with the Alexandria group. Alex particularly blamed Daryl for Daenerys' death as she had been out and about looking for Daryl near enemy territory. When she had discovered Daryl was living amongst the group of Alexandrians she took to stalking the group and watching them from afar, never revealing herself or her spies. She watched them for about two years, disregarding the rest of Dovahnor in favor of hiding in the trees outside their gates. She watched and she waited, living in solitude for the majority of the time. It wasn't until the death of Maggie's husband, Glenn Rhee, at the hands of Negan, did Alex break protocol. She pretended to accidentally stumble on Paul Monroe, her sort of cousin, from an uncle's side. Paul, more commonly known as Jesus, was a member of the Hilltop and discussed with her the issues they were facing with Negan. She played dumb and coy, pretending to know nothing of their troubles, but was willing to hold a conference with all the group leaders to convince her to join with them.

Alex wasn't convinced by anything they had to say, but she had guilted herself into helping them for Maggie Rhee sake. Having watched her husband Alex felt extremely responsible for it as she could have stopped Negan right then and there. She began bonding with Maggie over the deaths of their spouses.

Negan's War

Negan's War was only months long but had lasting effects on the Coalition. Several people had died on their side including, Sasha, Eric, Timothy, and others. In the end, Rick faces off with Negan in single combat. Rick defeats Negan but unsupported allows Negan to live much to a lot of people's displeasure and anger. Despite not having the sole authority to make such a decision, Alex allows him to make the choice, knowing it'll damage his reputation and standing within the community. Maggie is especially angry with his decision and Alex uses that anger to get closer with her.

The Mountain Men

The Mountain Men were a group of United States government officials who had fled to an underground bunker in the Appalachian mountains at the Beginning of the End. They had moved underground not because of the walkers, but because of the artificially intelligent "peacekeeping" robots that had become infected with independence and were destroying every living thing in order to keep the peace. This became known as the Ted Faro Plague or Faro-apocalypse. When the governmental officials discovered that the world had not been destroyed by the robots thanks to Elisabet Sobeck, they came above ground and began trying to re-establish control over the United States. Unfortunately for them, the majority of the former country now belonged to five major factions, Dovahnor, Orlais, Sundom, Tevinter Imperium, and the Free Marches. Dovahnor owned the territory in which the Mountain men rose from and they owned Washington D.C. as well. Negotiations were held, but Alex was very adamant about not returning the world to the old ways. Despite what they promised her, she refused all offers and disregarded what little authority they had. Because of this, the Mountain men saw the only solution being war. While they didn't have control of nuclear weapons, they had short-range missiles in their arsenal and used them on the surrounding villages and towns, forcing Alex to engage with them in war.

Because they hid in a mountain and were self-sustainable, Alex had to bring the war to them. As she distracted them at the main door to their facility a secret group infiltrated them through a waterfall that led to the four engines giving them power for everything within. After the destruction of all four engines, Alex permanently sealed the main door, their only exit, by melting it shut with dragon fire. The Mountain men and the rest of their families died of suffocation.

Whisperer War

The Whisperer War consisted of a series of events that lasted about six months. Humans who had dressed in the skins of the dead in order to walk among the walkers and control hordes. The Whispers were able to infiltrate a fair held at The Kingdom and kidnapped several members of each community. After the kidnapping, they were killed and their decapitated heads were placed on wooden spikes the Whispers were using to mark the border of their territory. Alex insulted and now angry at the deaths of her people had set out to the newly marked border and burned a part of the Whisperer territory, destroying some of their walkers as well. Thus beginning the war in earnest.

After the burning event the Whispers were continuously spying on the three communities and killing those who strayed too far from their homes. Supply chains were disrupted as people feared the Whispers would attack them. The Hilltop was self sustainable for the most part, but Alexandria and The Kingdom were not. They require a solid portion of their produce and weaponry from the Hilltop and meat and cattle from Ivrakstead. The events of the Whisperer War were lost to the time of history, but in a summarization, it was stated that Negan escaped from his prison cell in Alexandria and joined the Whispers and eventually killed their leader, Alpha. This cause the group to disband, but they eventually reunited under Alpha's second in command Beta, and set fire to the Hilltop and led a mass horde of walkers upon Alexandria. Both settlements were able to recover, with the Hilltop coming out stronger than ever.

Eligius Corporation

Bend or Burn


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