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Elisabet Sobeck

Elizabet Sobeck (a.k.a. Dr. Sobeck, Sobitch)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sobeck was born in the suburbs outside of Carson City, Nevada. Her interest in electronics emerged very early in life. At six years old, she accidentally set fire to a pine tree in the back yard while playing with a children's electronics kit. After the fire department had extinguished the blaze, Sobeck’s mother showed her the remains of the chicks the fire had consumed. Sobeck screamed that she did not care about them, but her mother took her face in her hands and impressed upon her the importance of using her intelligence and talents to better the world, or they would mean nothing. This lesson deeply impacted upon Sobeck and led to her altruistic philosophy.

Sobeck proved to be a science and technology prodigy, enrolling at Stanford University at age 13, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Experimental Physics and Computer Science at age 16, and earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Design at Carnegie-Mellon University in 2040, at 20 years old. Within one year of her graduation, she was hired by Ted Faro, founder, owner, and chairman of the robotics and technology corporation Faro Automated Solutions. Within two years of her hiring, she was promoted to the position of Chief Scientist in the company. Over the next 8 years, her work in the design and development of environmental recovery automatons, known as “green robots”, propelled FAS to the forefront of efforts to undo the severe environmental damage of that decade, known as “The Clawback”. However, in 2048, she resigned from FAS, strongly disapproving of Faro’s decision to take the company into the military automation market. She continued her work in green robot technology, forming her own successful environmental technology company, Miriam Technologies.


Bisexual- women inclined


  • Stanford University
  • Carnegie-Mellon University


  • Chief Scientist of Faro Automated Solutions
  • Owner and CEO of Miriam Technologies
  • Alpha Prime in the GAIA iniative

Personality Characteristics


Sobeck was an exceptionally intelligent and altruistic scientist who dedicated her life to improve the world that she lived in. With an intense love for life on Earth, her desire to make a positive change induced her to use her formidable expertise in robotics and engineering in the pursuit of a career in developing robots that were environmentally-friendly and helped serve people. Her convictions made her resolutely against using technology for military applications, which is why she quit Faro Automated Solutions when Faro decided to move the company into the military technology market. Sobeck regarded people like Faro, who cared only about public image and profits at the expense of life, with contempt.

Sobeck was relentless in her efforts to complete Project Zero Dawn and give life a chance at reestablishment after its eradication. The enormous loss of life caused by the Faro Plague was a source of great distress for her. She placed great importance on empathy, realizing that GAIA needed to be capable of emotion and caring for others in order to fulfill her role.

Above all, she was selfless and decisive and sacrificed her life without hesitation to save Zero Dawn and her fellow Alphas.


Alice Daddario


Towards Elisabet Sobeck

Elisabet Sobeck


Towards Alice Daddario

2020 2066 46 years old
Circumstances of Death
Sobeck's physical death was a death of sacrifice as she existed a hidden underground facility in order to close shut a malfunctioning door.
Carson City
Alice Daddario (spouse)
Short red
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandirin


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