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90% of the residents of Hilltop are between the ages of 15 and 30 years old.


The hilltop is mostly democratic but also has a hierarchical system in place. Enid Snow is in charge with her personal choice of higher-ups.


The surrounding trees have been used to build a large wall around the colony's perimeter and there are several checkpoints and random searches along the roads that lead to The Hilltop.

Industry & Trade

The Hilltop is mostly agriculturally-based and a training outpost for young adults. They provide a medium sized portion of plant-based produce to the rest of Dovahnor.

Guilds and Factions

The Kingsguard is the sole faction of The Hilltop since Maggie Rhee's departure and the transformation from town to outpost.


Before the apocalypse, the Hilltop was only the mansion, known as Barrington House, a barn and a blacksmith's shop. The Barrington House was located deep in the woods on top of a hill in the Virginia area, just south of Alexandria, Virginia. In the 1930s, the family who owned the house gave it to the state and made it into a museum. For years since then, elementary schools around the state would make field trips to the house.

Natural Resources

The Hilltop is surrounded by lush forests that provide wood, animals for hunting, and kindle while the surrounding terrain offers fertile land and crops.
Alternative Name(s)
Hilltop Colony
Outpost / Base
493 permanent residential citizens
Inhabitant Demonym
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