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Uninvited Houseguest


This tradition was started somewhere along the edge of Siberia Russia. It may have started off as a joke in a small village, but it has become a persistent tradition in many Russian households at present time.   This tradition was created to ward off neutral, bad, or evil spirits. The idea behind it is that any evil spirit that enters the house will see the opened bottle of alcohol and will stop to take a drink. This eventually leads the spirit to get drunk and forget the reason why they entered the house. Once the reason is forgotten they leave the house until they can remember, return, and restart the process again.   This tradition was introduced to Alex by her parents, who participate in the tradition despite not being Russian. Her parents were superstitious, specifically, her mother. They were taught about this tradition by Brock Griffin-O'Hurn, Costia's brother-in-law.


To complete this tradition, families typically place a bottle of alcohol, most often vodka, in a conspicuous location within their home. Such as a table near the front door, the kitchen island, or the fireplace mantle. The bottle needs to be easily seen so as to attract the attention of the spirit quickly, but not obtrusive towards daily life in the house. Only one bottle is needed, though some families like to use multiple bottles in different locations. The bottle(s) must be opened and have some of its contents drunk by all members of the family, including children, though they only need the smallest of sips. This part is to ensure that the spirit feels comfortable enough to continue drinking from the bottle, though the reason why this needs to be done varies from family to family. Some families believe that if the bottle is unopened, the spirit will not want to be impolite and open a bottle for itself. Others believe that all family members drinking from the bottle reassure the spirit that the bottle has not been poisoned or cursed.

Components and tools

A minimum of one bottle of alcohol. Traditionally vodka has been the alcohol of choice due to its Russian origins, ease of making, and general inexpensiveness. However, any other alcohol will suffice and the preferred drink changes based on the region the tradition is taking place in.
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