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Pillar of Kings

Purpose / Function

The Pillar of Kings is a multi-piece statue past and current king of Dovahnor. It is a remembrance piece as well as prideful embellishment. The statue serves as the entrance marker to Dovahnor's capital city, Polis. The second part to the statue if the Pillar of Queens and is the counterpart.


With every newly crowned king, another pillar of the statue is added in memory of the recently retired king. Other alterations include routine cleaning, shining, applying anti moss, dirt, and rust chemicals, and remodeling when needed. The statue was meant to go under major reservations, but Alex put a stop to it before it happened. She wanted no change to it despite what her descendants wanted, it took some strong-arming, but the statue remained unaltered. Exactly what she wanted.


The sculpture stands around 150ft average, but there is a difference between some of the kings, such as Merci being the tallest part and the shortest part being Clarke II. As the statue extends with every king, there is no solid measurement on the length.


Pillar of Kings was built by Alex Daddario Taylor after the coronation of her son, Dixon Daddario as the new king. It was a piece done out of arrogance and pride that she had originally planned to sculpt herself. She later changed her mind and had it commissioned by another artist. She didn't like it at first, but it grew on her. She especially loves the fact that it's the first thing you see once entering Polis.
The statue has faced some vandalism in times of riot and attempted rebellions. The punishment for such acts has always been severe and resulted in less vandalism as time goes on.
Alternative Names
Statue of Kings
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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