Reading Challenge 2021

This year's World Ember certainly was wild and full of so much stuff. Here is my "entry" for the first ever Reading Challenge. I have scoured the site for WE articles and tried to focus on authors I either am new to or maybe don't read as much from. Here is my haul and what I've taken away from each one.  
Sealing Wax Maker
Profession | Dec 25, 2021
Future's Seen
  I've yet to write many professions. This article reminds people to think about even the lesser known jobs. I enjoyed the details and research put into this. It has reminded me of my own lack of deep diving; it's definitely a place I can grow over time. One detail was going over all the tools and materials used in the job, which some folk forget about. I know I have.  
The Grove of Lost Souls
Building / Landmark | Dec 31, 2021
Talitha Harbor
  This was a short, yet insightful read into a world's burial practices. I love seeing people develop unique traditions / methods for every day things like this. Whenever I work on more cultures in the future, I'll try to remember to think about how they handle things like cemeteries and burial traditions.  
Invocations of Sûlûdh
Spell | Dec 28, 2021
  Here we have a spell article centered around invocation magic through the worship of a wind goddess / nature spirit. Pieces like these help remind us that spells and magic don't have to be the abilities we typically think of for things like TTRPGs and the like. Even something as small as sending up a prayer to your deity in a time of need can produce at least a couple effects. I might try to develop my world's own unique magic not tied to a class related spell, even if it's something small, but meaningful.  
Potato Friends
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 27, 2021
  I couldn't help but to add at least one food article here. It's such a wide subject with many different unique takes and ways to reflect your world's cultures and traditions. This was a super fun, light hearted read about one of my favorite types of food. I've only recently delved into world building food myself and they've been a bit lacking. Sometimes I add culture snippets, but I can certainly work on developing them more to make things really feel alive and connected.  
Species | Dec 6, 2021

The Shroomkin are the most individualistic of the intelligent fungal lifeforms that live in places such as the Ferment and the Blight.

  I also couldn't forget about our current mushroom crave! These are a sentient variety with some neat takes that are unique to the associated world. Some people only focus on the "hive mind" aspect if they included it in their own mushroom people. This article adds in a small group who break away to accomplish some more beneficial things. It's reminded me that I've barely touched sentient species in any of my works and that they don't always have to be animal based.  
Species | Dec 29, 2021

The only way to remember the far past.

The Spheres of Oblogga
  Hands down, this was one of the most unique articles I've read so far. It's beautifully done with a lot of thought put behind it. It really intrigued me and did a great job of pulling me into wanting to know even more as a first time reader of the associated world. It's activated a deep need to write about potential otherworldly beings or take a look at more hidden aspects of my own worlds. There is so much out there that could be right under one's nose that they don't even know about their own planet, much like our own.  
The Temple of Ink
Settlement | Dec 26, 2021
Hallowed Legacy
  Here we have a "non standard" settlement with a lot of mystery and intrigue. I love the overall ideas presented, paired with some history and insight into the associated culture. There's nothing wrong with writing about the usual cities or small villages, but it can be refreshing and fun to mix it up a bit. I'll have to comb my own notes for possible settlements to write about next that might have at least one or two unique aspects to them.  
Junior Sprout
Rank/Title | Dec 30, 2021
Secret Agent Someone
  Spies! Children assistants to the spies! This article describes a rank delegated to young folk roped in to dealing with a secret / shady group. It was thorough and detailed just about all aspects of the role and what it might entail. This template is another type I've barely touched and I could certainly give it more love. Or, at least attempt to.  
Rules of Healing Magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 7, 2021
Genitor de Pariete
  I have yet to write anything for this template, and I probably should at some point. This short article was easy to read and covers a topic many tend to "hand wave" because "magic can do many things" and the like. It outlines what magic can and can't do in terms of healing people that is specific and unique to their world. There was even a section about how curse weapons can prevent healing those specific wounds and what to do about it. I felt that was a good, extra unique addition.  
Material | Dec 13, 2021

Luminous element present in all Glowflora and Glowfauna that allows them to access Aura


The sky bleeds power.

  For the final article I chose a unique material. This template can be hard for folk to make something that really stands out or isn't repeating info on things we see in the real world. It's really interesting to see both setting specific materials along with more unique twists on materials that are bound to be in most worlds. This article is super detailed and ties in cultural elements as well. Again, I need to make some more efforts at connecting my articles to the world's ethnicities and history.    

Forging Ahead

  I can't really focus on my creative pursuits without worry or stress until I get a handle on some real life stuff. That doesn't mean I don't have hopes and plans, however. I would love to practice both my digital and physical art some more; I've neglected it more than I would've liked the last couple years. I've started reading more books last year and wish to continue working through my very large "to be read" pile, hehe.   As for writing and World Anvil, I want to continue developing the various important bits I've yet to archive on the site. There are also many more rabbit holes to continue down and ideas from previous articles to detail further and connect to many more pieces. I also want to get into writing prose and general fiction again as it's been quite some time.   CSS is also a thing. I may or may not continue fiddling with it over the year. At some point I would love to at least start developing a unique theme for Omari that is my own work and not cobbled together from a pre-made theme.   With all that said, I'm honestly just gonna keep taking things one day at a time. It's all I can really do at this point. I can only hope that I'll finally be in a better place so that I can keep working on things to my heart's content.   Thanks for yet another amazing World Ember. This was my second time ever completing it and I keep learning new things every week. This is only a very small snippet of all the wonderful work that was put out this last month. I would love to put more, but I have other important things to focus on and I might not be able to get back to this. So for now, I'll consider this challenge complete.   Here's to a better year~


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Best wishes on the New Year. I hope things get better. I respect your willingness to tackle CSS. I mucked with it a bit and just made a mess.

3 Jan, 2022 12:01

Great reading challenge! There's some interesting articles here. :D I enjoyed reading your thoughts on them.

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Thank you for sticking my article (sealing Wax Maker) in as well as giving me a comment. It would be nice if you stuck the world link in for all your article recommendations as well as the article link, as it would give members of this community followers if they like other articles in the World.

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Thanks so much for the read, comment, and like on my article! I am glad you enjoyed. God bless and much success to you with creative things and real-life things! <3 Sending love and hugs.

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