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Sealing Wax Maker

The Sealing Wax Maker is a profession in which a person makes Sealing Wax sticks. They work in the candle factory in 3 11.



The profession is an Extra Employment meaning that the job is assigned to an individual on Employment Selection Day. As the job is random and can’t be preselected the training is given when undertaking the role.

Career Progression

Many Extra Employment are levelled. A higher level usually indicates a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process and individuals can progress once they shown their abilities and a placement opens up.

Level 1

A Level 1 Sealing Wax Maker, cuts the wicks for the wicked versions of the end product. They also prepare moulds for the wax. Moulds are prepared by ensuring that there are no remnants of the previous batch and the moulds are clean this makes it easier to remove the new sealing wax sticks later. The Level 1 Sealing Wax Maker also folds and assembles the boxes for the finished product.

Level 2

At this level, they prepare the chemicals. The right ratio of the chemicals is very important to ensure that the wax is slow-moving when molten, and hold the impression from the seal as well, when broken, it should snap instead of bend.

Level 3

Finally, at this level. They melt the chemicals, and beeswax to make batches of sealing wax sticks. They are also the ones that box the finished product. These boxes hold 6, 12 or 48 sticks of wax, of either type, and can be wrapped individually.

Other Benefits

This is beneficial to those who enjoy seeing the end product of their work or creating something that's wildly used. Additionally, they can move around and exert themselves physically.


Social Status

Sealing wax is used in everyday life by everyone from aristocrats to bakers, and even by criminals. While the profession is not often lauded, they are an integral part of commerce and communication.



Tools they use for their profession at all levels are;
  • Moulds - As there are two types of sealing wax, wicked and unwicked, there are two types of moulds. Both types make multiples of six. Moulds that are for wicked sticks of sealing wax are vertical so that the wick can be inserted, and centred using a wick centring tool. Moulds for non-wicked wax sticks, however, are horizontal and the hot wax is poured in like metal-casting.

The two different types of sealing wax are wicked and not wicked. Wicked sealing wax is used for beginners, while the more skilled will use wickless wax sticks.

The only colour that the sealing wax comes in is red, this is due to The Great Rewind and to save on resources.

  • Wick Centering Tool - This is used for the wick type moulds so that the wick goes through the centre of the mould.

  • Pot - The pot is used to melt the ingredients for the sticks, and can hold roughly one litre of molten wax.

  • Camp stove - This is a single burner that uses cans of gas to run. the stove is used To melt the ingredients.

  • Wooden dowel - To stir ingredients while melting or to get them mixed consistently before pouring into moulds. They use a wooden dowel. The stick is wooden, and not made out of metal, as most metals are better heat conductors than wood. The ingredients would cool around the metal stick.

  • Insulated Gloves - For safely handling the pot and other tools during heating.


There are four ingredients in Sealing Wax. The ingredients have changed since The Old World. Today the version that snaps when broken and doesn't bend, is used.   The materials used in the sealing wax that snaps are [1];
  • Beeswax
  • Pine Oil
  • A chemical red dye
  • A thickener agent [2]

Provided Services

The Sealing Wax Maker makes sealing wax sticks, so that every place around the country can send confidential messages between people and outside of the city of Birdencaster.

Dangers and Hazards

The dangers of this profession are, spilling hot wax on yourself and melting the ingredients too much causing fires.

Sealing Wax Maker by James Woodwright


Type Of Job
Type Of Employment
Extra Employment
Reports to
Candlestick Maker
Changes With Level.
Contract Type
Working Hours
Part Time.
Zone 3

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[2] Youtube video on making Pine Oil from Fat Wood

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