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      I am doing a test with multiplewords


Author's Notes

I drew on a lot of different sources for this article. I hope it makes you think.

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21 Mar, 2018 23:01

This is probably the most influential article I have ever seen in my life. This has changed me, and the world I'm building.

21 Mar, 2018 23:02

i see you are a man of culture.

21 Mar, 2018 23:02

I want to add the ability to like comments just so I can like this one

16 May, 2018 14:42

I wnat you to add the ability to like comments so I can like yours AND the top comment both.

21 Mar, 2018 23:03

I cannot compare.

21 Mar, 2018 23:03


21 Mar, 2018 23:03

We've all gone bananas for this article

21 Mar, 2018 23:04

21 Mar, 2018 23:07

I don't know what this is but I like it

21 Mar, 2018 23:08


22 Mar, 2018 02:21

I am. Moved. To tears

22 Mar, 2018 11:47

I too have shed manly tears of joy and pride.

22 Mar, 2018 03:05

You sir have eclipsed the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and Kurt Vonnegut. Well done!

22 Mar, 2018 03:06

Oh, and Dr Suess and Hugh Hefner.

22 Mar, 2018 03:55

Ah yes, the Hef

22 Mar, 2018 03:07

An absolute masterpiece. It took impeccable courage and bravery to create something of this stature.

22 Mar, 2018 04:50

Still a better love story than Twilight.

22 Mar, 2018 05:07

Fifty Shades of Yellow...

24 Mar, 2018 00:32

Peeled myself away from writing to read this. Was not disappointed. 10/10 - would banana again.

1 Apr, 2018 08:13

congrats u got a best nanner article of the daily wel don