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Summer Camp Reading Challenge 2023

Well, Summer Camp has ended, and it's all over but the reading! I actually love this part, although I am anxious to get back to the games I have been neglecting a bit during the challenge. It's a pretty cool way to get a good chunk of world building done in Tellus, and I have all sorts of inspiration for side quests and epics. I found myself doing a lot of writing in the deserts of Taisha, and fleshing out its Sea of Glass, and its unlikely residents. The Seinner Frog article was even liked by a fellow worldbuilder already, and it has been given some fantastic feedback and a hugely helpful critique (I need a friend like that reading all my stuff, I'll be honest).   I also need to somehow figure out some kind of basic design theory, and cascading style sheets are just beyond me enough to make it seem like work. I don't really have the chops to even be amongst these folks! But hell, I'll throw my hat in! Certainly going to learn some good stuff going through the process, maybe even pick up a little of the design stuff from these fine folks.   I'm going to be going with A Character That Excels at Manipulating Others, for sure, and will determine the other two categories I will be reading from after I get some of this juiciness into my brain pan...  
A Character That Excels at Manipulating Others

Character | Aug 2, 2023
Greylion is a great writer who I already follow, so this one is hardly fair and I will go read another one immediately, but the stuff is so well put together its absolutely worth a read. The imagery of the entire page dovetails nicely with the subject matter in a way I'm going to need to try to figure out for my own stuff.
Lady Ruby-Eyed
Character | Dec 3, 2023

An anonymous scholar who excels at research and social interactions

First of all, right out of the gate the article's name is an attention grabber, here. I am going to have to remember that; I feel like I very often just write a name out like it's a term paper. Following the links in the article led right to germaine information, too, not a big overload of links and lore

Jadwiga Nachtnebel
Character | Jul 23, 2023

Divine Priestess but also God at the same time. She loves power probably...Photo is a placeholder.

Jadwiga here needs an entire narrative all her own...this author really showcases how to make a playable/writable character, with concise phrasing and I love the layout.
Carl the Unpaid
Character | Aug 1, 2023
I finished reading this article and felt like I knew Carl personally, despite a couple of grammatical errors that would have held me up. I need to try to concentrate on the content more, instead of getting hung up on the stuff I do not know.   And now, I think I'll switch on over to:  

An Animal Found in a Non-Populated Area

Species | Jul 31, 2023
It's by It's Moro! so I had high hopes and expectations, and I was not disappointed! Fantastic idea, combining a dog and a bear is baller on it's own, but add the intelligence to the creature and then just the cleanliness of the article itself and it's a great lesson in getting one's point across with prowess.
Maple elk
Species | Jul 31, 2023

An elegant, powerful and majestic creature. Found only on the Thanespire continent. A living testament to the land itself.

The "Thanespire"...kickass name! It also sounds like a place I really want to explore sometime, except for all the briarwolves...sheesh, how's a maple elk to thrive in these woods nowadays?
Obsidian Eel
Species | Jul 11, 2023
So this one caught my eye because I was a fixed gear fisherman...a lobsterman...for a very long time, and conger eels were plentiful for sure. I kept gettinig visions of conger eels with obsidian casings as I read it. Then I got to the Burbling Sea, and got sucked right into that, too. A great example of a concise and evocative writing style.

A Historical Figure Still Venerated Today, and Why

Character | Jul 30, 2023
"The Origin"...the name kicks ass right out og the gate. The story in its entirety reminded me of something i wrote years ago about progenitors and lost knowledge, only done far better. The design of the page is done very well, also. I really need to learn more about design. And have somebody inject a modicum of artistic talent into me brain pan sheesh I wish I could draw.
Pirate King Samuel "Ironheart" Rodriguez
Character | Dec 2, 2023
Pirate kings are close to my heart, and this'n doesn't disappoint! Rife with imagery and packed with evocative text; and they used the layout of the pages to their advantage in a big way I am going to figure out for my own use! Very well done and a great read.
Eleanora Ashford
Character | Jul 30, 2023

The first Lord Protector

We very quickly got to epic status reading this article. The choice of illustration was superb, and the writing evoked high fantasy immediately. The page's design was also another for me to study at some point. It is another reason to figure out enough CSS to get some design changes into my sort of dreary articles.   Well, I guess that's about it for the challenge article here. It's enough for me to get moving with I think, which is the main reason I am doing it. Also, the shiny new badge ;-)


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