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Summercamp Pledge for July 2023

I solemnly pledge, on pain of velociraptors devouring my pinky toes, to work on the Living World of Tellus. I can hardly stop, as there are three campaigns going in it right now, and the players would all find me somehow and make me finish the storylines by force. This would be highly inconvenient, interfering with my goal of earning a Diamond badge during this year's World Anvil Summercamp.   For instance, I have been looking forward to preparing and plotting out the intrigues and internal Power structures of the Merchant and Sailors' Guild, The High King's Seat, and The Cunam Hahn. Although 'intrigue' will be a difficult one with the Hive Mind of the Cunam Hahn. At any rate, how would I be able to do any of that with Nyril Swiftfall's knee on my chest?    Our adventurers already know about The Moonraker, of course, and the High King. But who became Skyscraper after the death of Vekhetstevyparalax-Stevie? And who, exactly, is this "Chancellor of the Exchequer" person?      I definitely have to check out the diplomacy webs. I do use relationships extensively, but not diplomacy webs, yet. I think I'll have to make that a goal. I also need to learn a little more about site set up and css. Design is a talent I simply do not possess, so it's hard to get the articles either eye-catchy or award-worthy. I'll have to put some thought into that.   I also really need to look at the meta. I never have, really, and it's a super idea! Other than that, I need to update some population centers (it's been 150 years), populate Aglethal's coven, and write a few short stories about her descent from Queen to Sea Hag.   Summercamp, onward!

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