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The Bearogs, a remarkable blend of bear and dog, embody the best qualities of both species. Their herding instincts, intelligence, and friendly disposition make them essential partners in Leshiven's relationship with the aurram. As cherished companions and trusted mounts, the Bearogs have found their place alongside the people of Leshiven - though it has not always been this way.  

History of the Bearog

Bearogs are not native to Leshiven and are infact found more often in Trekuliifor. There, they were wild animals native to isolated pockets of those mountains. After years of careful training and breeding, the breed of dog became what it is today.  


Bearogs are striking creatures that bear the physical traits of both bears and dogs. They have the muscular build and thick fur of a bear, giving them a formidable and majestic appearance. Their fur comes in various colors, ranging from rich browns to earthy grays and even hints of white.   Despite their bear-like size, they possess the agility and grace of a herding dog, making them well-suited for their role as aurrum herders - or goat herders.  
Just think, If the goat can get into the tree, so can the dog!
— A father rancher explaining the usefulness of the Bearog to their children

Herding Instincts and Intelligence

The bearogs' herding instincts are deeply ingrained, passed down through generations of their lineage. They possess an innate ability to read the body language and movements of the aurrum, allowing them to guide the creatures with incredible precision. Their intelligence, coupled with their natural herding instincts, makes them invaluable companions to the people of Leshiven in managing and protecting their Aurram herds.  

Friendly and Loyal Disposition

One of the defining characteristics of Bearogs is their friendly and loyal nature. They have a gentle and affectionate demeanor that endears them to both humans and other animals. Their playful disposition makes them popular companions for families and adventurers alike.  

Bond with the Aurram

Bearogs share a unique bond with the Aurrum native to Leshiven. They are raised alongside the aurram from a young age, forming deep connections that transcend the boundaries between species. This special relationship allows them to communicate with the aurram in ways only they can understand, creating a harmonious partnership between Bearogs and the gentle creatures they herd.  

Alternative to Riding Aurram

Traditionally, the people of Leshiven rode aurram as their primary mode of transportation. However, they are stubborn beasts. With the introduction of bearogs into their lives, a new and symbiotic relationship emerged. Bearogs' friendly and cooperative nature made them ideal riding companions for the people of Leshiven.   Riding on bearogs became a common practice, especially for families and travelers. Bearogs' sturdy build, combined with their intelligence and loyalty, made them reliable and comfortable mounts, ensuring a smooth journey across the diverse landscapes of the Valley of Leshiven.
Originally called a Bear-Dog, a community member during one of my twitch streams suggested Bearog. Come forward and I shall site your name here as credit for the species name <3 !


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I love the quote from the father rancher, and I do like bearog a wee bit more than bear-dog. Well done!

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Aug 7, 2023 14:09 by Paul

Bears! Apparently, bears are to me as dinosaurs are to Janet.   When I went looking for articles about bears, I was not expecting such lovable creatures. In real life I really enjoy dogs and especially dogs that work alongside humans, there is something special about that. I love this article but I am now wondering, what do they eat?

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