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Aurrum: Mountain Goats of Leshiven

Because evil never dies, the Aurram never sleeps
— Leshiven Proverb
  Aurram are a majestic species of large goats with a commanding presence. They are larger than typical goats, standing at least twice the height of an average human. Their strong and muscular bodies are covered in a luxurious, shaggy coat. Their magnificent horns curl gracefully in branches, reflecting the colors of the sea and sky.   They found everywhere in The Valley of Leshiven, and embody power due to their perserverant natures, sleepless natures, and being steadfast companions of the people.  

"Sleepless" Beasts

As the proverb goes, it appears that the Aurram never sleeps. In reality, an Aurram induces frequent microsleeps and frequently sleepwalks unless disturbed. During this time, The Aurram will continue doing the last thing it was doing, and they retain some intelligence enough to gather enough information about their environment to adapt to changes. An Aurram can survive off of microsleeps for an entire week - sometimes even two if given stimulants - but thereafter will fall into a torpor for the same amount of time they stayed awake for   This ability alone makes them the best beasts of burden to take a caravan from one side of the world to another.  

Dwellers of the Lands of Leshiven

The Aurram are well-adapted to coastal life, but preferr to dwell near rocky cliffs. Their hooves are specially designed to grip uneven terrain, allowing them to climb steep cliffs and rocky outcrops with ease. They are excellent swimmers, confidently navigating the ocean's waves to reach distant islands and hidden coves, often to the horror of pirates who are unaccustomed to the shenanigans of life in The Valley of Leshiven.  

Guardians of the Mountains and the Coast

The Aurram provide for all the needs of the Leshiven people, from their shaggy fur spun into warm clothes, to their tree like horns which can be cut and fashioned spears out of, to the milk and meat they produce. Aurram are sacred beasts that by their fertility and abundance provide a guardianship to those that care for them. It is thought that a wandering or patrolling Aurram is on the hunt for an evil spirit, and is often left to its devices.  

Aurram Ceremonies: Ramsday

The Aurram are honored during special ceremonies, such as the Ramsday, where the townspeople gather in masks and shaggy costumes to confuse the mischivious spirits who plague their day to day lives. Often, Aurram will be allowed to bulldoze through the streets in their frenzied zoomy states to loud music, effectively cleasning and purifying Cape Zaffreor any other village of their ills.


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Aug 7, 2023 12:33

Ramsday is a very cool way to celebrate this animal. Good job! :D

Aug 8, 2023 00:37

The Aurram is an interesting creature. I love the way that you used the concept of an animal that never sleeps. It reminds me of animals like ducks, who rest only one half of their brain at a time, but waterfowl are perhaps not nearly as great as pack animals.