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Blackrock Fortress

Blackrock fortress is an ancient site located high in the peaks of the Himalayan mountain range on the mountain Gangkhar Puensum, near the village and monastery of Kesang Jinpa. The mountain, of all in the Himalayas, has a unique black granite, minerals, and similar rock composition that doesn't match the surrounding geology of the area.


This unique geological composition has only ever been found in one other location on Earth, and that would be Wundagore Mountain in Eastern Europe. But where Wundagore is rich in an unusual type of uranium, Gangkhar Puensum contains a rare mineral called eisenite.


The castle comprises ten levels. The deepest - both down and inside the mountain - keep their original stone architecture of ancient Atlantean and Thanagarian origin. But over the long centuries, as other inhabitants came to the fortress to call it home, new levels were added with architectural styles more in line with ancient China, the Tzars of Russia, late 19th century Germany, and more.


Most of the fortress is carved from the mountain itself, then smoothed and shaped to resemble bricks. Across the centuries as new levels and tunnels were constructed, actual bricks were made from the excavated rock and put into place to support archways, walls, galleries and more.


Over time, each level has become more specialized, with one level devoted to living quarters or barracks. Another has been used routinely for scientific and other research. There is also a machine shop level, an expansive kitchen and more.


Due to the history of the place, each new inhabitant rediscovers old hidden passages and chambers that have been sealed by previous inhabitants. These locked away hallways, rooms and chambers contain anything from dust to a vast trove of writings and other information. To date, the original technology from the Thanagarian and Atlantean researchers has ever been located.


The fortress has existed since 3000 BC when it was populated by ancient Atlantean and Thanagarian researchers studying one the galaxy's rare natural deposits of the energy transmuting mineral known as 'eisenite'.


In doing so, they unwittingly contacted an evil Kryptonian scientist that planted the seed for a conflict that consumed both peoples. The only caveat being that the Kryptonian scientist, one Dr. Rel-Fost, that tried to use the location for his own experiments in rewriting the dimensional fabric was banished, trapped in stasis between dimensions in a place known as the Quantumverse.


Through the Pages of History, Until Today ...


Since then, until modern times, the fortress has changed hands many times. It has been used as a place of study by such as Genghis Khan and the nefarious Rasputin. At other times, it was a research station and refuge for German scientists during World War I and II. More recently, it was occupied by the criminal organizations of the Hammer Empire and the Black Order.

The latest inhabitant is known as MAGI, a secret organization that tries to remain out of public attention.

Rumors persist to this day among locals who were brave - or foolish - enough to enter the structure, that ghostly figures can be sometimes seen and voices heard, especially in the ‘Courtyard of the Universe' - the location where the natural stargates form and vanish on their own.

Blackrock Fortress by CB Ash
Alternative Names
Blackrock Castle, Fortress of Reflection
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