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Wundagore Mountain

Mysterious mountain with a mystic past

Located in the Balkan Mountain range on the border between Serbia and Romania, Mount Wundagore is often a forgotten section of the world.   Throughout the centuries, Wundagore has been a source of myths around curses and evil spirits. It wasn’t until 1939 when Adolf Von Bitzer discovered a strong vein of uranium that the source of the ‘curses’ became known. With a conscripted crew of laborers, he built a laboratory to begin experiments on the mysterious radioactive material he discovered. Experiments that involved a new range of devices.   However, the ravages of World War II had only just begun. Von Blitzer, instead of making any legal claim to his discovery kept it to himself. During the war, Von Blitzer was killed. Desperate for money, his widow – unaware of what the deed actually entailed – sold the deed to one Michael Archangel.   Michael did nothing with the deed for many years. Not until the 1960s, when he took a vacation to escape the stress of dealing with his siblings and his family ‘legacy’ of artificial human evolution and genetic advancement. He visited the small town of Transia that exists at the bottom of the mountain and discovered Von Blitzer’s long lost laboratory.   Fueled with the excitement of his discovery, he returned to work with his family. He returned often to Wundagore, almost as if drawn there by the rural peace of the area and the excitement of possibly continuing Von Blitzer’s work.   It wasn’t until Michael had a falling out with his family, and faked his death, that he returned to Wundagore for good. Using the uranium deposits, and automated mining equipment, he set up a non-profit trust which funnels money in for Michael’s research, and for the town of Transia itself. This allows Transia to be self-sufficient without being dependent on trade with Romania or Serbia or on tourism.   The strife in the Balkan region has helped keep Wundagore and Transia out of the public eye and unknown to the world at large.
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