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An ancient, perhaps the most ancient of societies in existence, the Order of MAGI - or in its current incarnation ... M.A.G.I. for "Monitoring Assessment Global Initiative" - is an order of scientists that began as alchemists and natural philosophers. They possess vast knowledge collected from thousands of years of study while working undercover among history's more famous - or infamous - organizations.   They keep their numbers small, seeking to collect then slowly release scientific knowledge to the world when they feel the world is ready to learn these new philosophies and enlightenment. Their hope has been and still is, that the information won't be misused. While they've not always been successful, their method has worked in their favor.   In recent years, the rise of 'metahumans' have given them cause for alarm and concern. So has the rise of other societies whose philosophies run counter to what MAGI believes in. Some of which are:  
  1. Hammer Empire’s HYDRA division
  2. The Black Order
  3. Infinity Inc - and by extension the Arkangel family
  4. The Vandenburg family
  As MAGI is driven by research and knowledge, they prefer to motivate others to deal with problems as they arise. So have at times tried to secretly motivate heroes with enough information to confront the threat head on, all while not exposing MAGI to the world at large.


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