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The World in a Nutshell

The world is divided into nine Continents:   Arlok, Rela, Delhiza, Albagar, Tyril, Pendahar, Gnosit, Rajan & Sakxa, and Myrod.   The world's northern pole is a further massive landmass called Taharjin's Flame. It is uninhabitable but centrally important because it is the conjectured source of all magic.  
  Each Continent appears as a clickable heading under "The Land" in the Table of Contents. Within each heading is a list of all Nations the Continent contains. Nations with large enough populations subdivide into Territories, indented beneath the Nation name. For instance:   DELHIZA (Continent):   Azon (Nation)
Azodel (Territory)
Hagottra (Territory)
  Territory maps use differing fonts to indicate Villages (up to 10K inhabitants), Towns (10-100K), and Cities (100K+). City names are Bold, Towns non-bold, and Villages use non-bold in a small font size. In the following example from the Territory of Castamomera: Berlinfron is a City, Tuirdourga a Town, and Epish a Village.  

Cities Slice.jpg

  Villages and Towns are rarely consequential enough to warrant their own smaller-scale maps. Major cities appear as articles indented further below the Territories they're found in, or directly under a Nation small enough not to have Territories.   As of this moment, Taharjin's Flame is conservatively home to 401 Cities, 1012 Towns, and 1000+ Villages throughout a total of 77 Nations and 140 Provincial regions.   The world's population is approximately 160 million. By continent, in ascending order of inhabitants: Myrod (under 100K), Rajan & Sakxa (1.5M), Albagar (3M), Gnosit (6.5M) Arlok (8M), Delhiza (15M), Pendahar (25 M), Rela (40M), Tyril (60M).  For a detailed breakdown, see Nations by Population.   There are 91 standard languages spoken across the globe: 79 human, 6 Elvish, and 6 non-human/non-Elvish tongues. See Language Rankings by Number of Speakers for a breakdown of world population into linguistic groups. For exposition on the approximately 118 cultures associated with these languages, see: Ethnic Groups by Region.   Around 1 in 20 people are born with the base capacity to use magic - that's 8 million people worldwide. Only 1 in 1000, however, have access to the resources needed to develop their Gifts to Apprentice level - just 160,000 globally. This number thins out dramatically when accounting for more advanced practitioners. All told, perhaps a dozen wizards command top-echelon skills across Taharjin's Flame.   Magic flows from the northern pole. Life is best for mages living in the northern hemisphere, and hell for those in the south. The specifics of this geographic reality are detailed in the pivotal article, Magic Zones.   ,        


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