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Taharjin's Flame: The Pole

The planet’s northern pole is a desolate wasteland of glacial ice and bitter winds. These oppressive conditions, and the fact there are no resources there to interest most of the world’s population, mean it is rarely visited by anyone.   Mages, however, value the area highly, as they acknowledge the pole as the source of all magic: It is well-known that the potency of spells relates directly to how close one is to the area, and for this reason it achieves pride of place among global Magic Zones. Indeed, in Berythian mythology it is a sacred spot, where the great dragoness and creator-goddess, Taharjin, is said to have breathed life along with magic into a previously dead planet. So significant is this event that Taharjin’s Flame, place name for the area, was eventually abstracted by the Tradition into the name of the world as a whole.   The Council of Landezon has launched countless expedtions over the course of history to explore the frozen wilds, but harsher conditions exist for mages than others without the Gift. Powerful physical and mental barriers prevent magic-using individuals from reaching as far as others can into the arctic interior, even with the special talents at their disposal, and many wizards who make the journey emerge with their wits mangled. Few these days, save for the most daring or mad, bother going.   The most northern arcane outpost known to exist is the Lair of the Seers, situated on Lake Ama-Toh, in Bimmentok – well over 1000 miles away from the Pole’s southernmost shores. (If there is any truth to the rumour, the legendary community of Fireside may be closer.) Thus, no bona fide settlement has been established nearby, although a few derelict sorcerors have been known to camp on the pole’s frigid outskirts.  
  The following video provides a metagame perspective on the pole and its role in magical ability:  


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