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Nile (nˈilɛ)

Actor, musician & playwright Nile

An embodiment of the city of Birdland's artistic spirit, Nile is a well known performative artist and writer, full of talent for the dramatic arts and music, unashamed and outgoing.   He is perhaps the most flamboyant, distinctive member of the semi-secret bohemian and artistic "Horror Circle":
It is said that many of the plays and songs that he wrote or performed were born of days of dust-diving in the Circle.   He lives with his brother in a small but nice house in a quiet area of Birdland in Thaur, very close to the house of Danae, his best friend and companion.

Physical Description

Body Features

Nile is a feathery societarian of raven phenotype. He was born albino (lacking body pigmentation), so his body is covered by white feathers, his skin and beak are very pale, and his eyes are pale blue.   He has a slender figure with long, thin legs and arms, and is considered to have a striking beauty. His tail and arm feathers are impressively thin and long, and he has managed to make them fan out in an outwards curve creating an aesthetically impressive silhouette.

Apparel & Accessories

Nile dresses in an elegant, flamboyant way, choosing clothing with intricate patterns and motifs and strong colours, particularly blue. He has quite bad eyesight, forcing him to use small beak-mounted glasses. However, this doesn't bother him much as he loves adding jewellery and adornments to his outfit, something that poses a potential challenge for any situation that requires undressing.   This gets especially difficult as Nile loves being in the nude, both when alone and around friends. He doesn't think of this as sexual and was possibly the one to initiate the nudist custom of the Horror Circle.

Mental characteristics


Nile ofices as an actor, playwright and musician, and is an expert on all performative arts. He is able to play a wide variety of musical instruments and sing several styles, including being quite good at the classic Thaurian art of sung duels.   He gains his money both by playing in inns, taverns and house of pleasures and performing in formal, upstanding theatres.

Morality & Philosophy

Flag of Merthiorn by Naelin
While Nile does not show a particularly profound interest in politics or morality, he is one of the many people that doesn't feel represented or protected by the newly arisen Kingdom of Thaur and it's Symbol of Power the tetsu Dinner, a position that he may have copied from Danae, his best friend.
Despite having worked for them in more than one occasion, he mistrusts king Naelin and the people close to him.


Contacts & Relations

Nile's closest group of friends is conformed by the members of the Horror Circle, a clique of bohemians and artists formed in the Horror Café in City of Birdland.   He has joined it alongside Danae, his best and oldest friend who lives very close to him, and with whom he shares most activities, making them an iconic duo in their social circles.

Social Aptitude

Nile is a very extroverted person with a high self confidence. He is cheerful, friendly and a lover of social gatherings.
He talks with a soft voice and a flowery language, so much so that it may become irritating for some.   His ego and self-perceived superiority sometimes make others resent him, but, excentricity aside, he is good company, and cares for his friends a great deal.

Caw Aristocracy by Currix
Chaotic stupid
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Pale blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Albino (Pale pink skin with white featers)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character | Feb 26, 2022

Merthiornite cartographer, famous for his work on The Book of the Habits and Beasts

Horror Circle
Organization | Jul 14, 2022

A semi-secret organization of bohemian artists and philosophers located in the heart of Birdland City

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