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The Revolving Temple 4: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Let's call this one a "win".
Darth Teen Angst got away; she's headed toward Yavin IV, moon of a gas giant, and probably she's going specifically straight for the Sith temple there, which is why I keep telling So'Zen that we don't need to go there at all. Anyway, bounty hunters and local law enforcement types will be on the lookout for this idiot smuggler.
And there was a hella problematic strafing run by the baddies on their way out, yes. "Kerplocken" and So'Zen got knocked around pretty good by the collapsing buildings.
And I really really really did not enjoy fighting that saber cat.
I didn't enjoy that smack on the head, either.
Oh, hon, and you were running around so much doing your Super Spy thing. You want me to get you some tea?
You know? Before we talk to Mistress Belshanna, yes, I think we should probably be feeling as best we can.
You bet. We can delete this later, pick up the record on "Let's call this a 'win'."
Yeah, there's not enough tea in the Galaxy for that headache.
Every time I blink, I see. Uhh.
Izzat . . . Csilla System?
I dunno. Unknown Regions, I think.
Hey, hon? The, uh, the recorder won't shut off.
Huh? Lemme ... Oh, fierfek.
Yeah. This is busted.
Must've happened when that saber cat slapped me around.
Or we found a fun side effect of the whole Bendu thing that just happened.
Or that. Groovy. I'm gonna just reboot the 'padd and see what
Note for later: edit the holorecording file when we get access to a full-sized screen. Regular size seems to be okay with text, not so okay with transcription.
After we got some rest, and So'Zen got a bath that made him very happy, we had some further conversation with Mistress Belshanna the priestess of the Bendu Temple. We arranged to leave Dave here, sleeping off his meal at the Bendu Temple, until his new adopted family can come pick him up for transport to his forever home.
We traveled across some wasteland, escorted by a group of local beings who turn out to be called Aur'rook. They are a delight.
We arrive at the ruins to which Mistress Belshanna said Commander Maeques and company were heading. The sun is just now going down. We can see a glowing reptiloid person, not sure which species, but data indicates this temple is inhabited by either a hologram or a Force ghost. We'll know in a few minutes because
Hang on.
I'm gonna just check right quick here.
Hon? Are you seeing what I'm. . . ?
Was an old Jedi temple?
Every brick moved like it had its own built in miniature repulsor engine?
Now the primary is fully past the horizon, and it looks like an old Sith temple?
Darling, there is not enough Starshine Surprise
in the entire Tapani Sector
for this day we are having.
Ghostie Elnon is the blue lizard man who is caretaking the ruin. Which has an “infinity gate” and a giant tree.
We are now feeling kind of weary, and we would very much like to sit down.

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Report Date
04 Mar 2017
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