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Menace of the Slave Lords 7: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
made a little more difficult by splitting up across the Chalcedon system

General Summary

Problems we have got some kind of a grip on:

  1. Tentacle Face Dudes
  2. Khyber-Eating Insects
  3. Bloodsmith-driven Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
  4. Critters vs Priestess Belshanna in the Arena
  5. Slave Uprising In Progress (we used the Vorkosigan method: get out in front of it and lead the parade)

Problems we have NOT got a grip of any sort on:

  1. Cloak Dude Vishan-Something
  2. All the other mining colonies put up distress calls and some of them then went Ominously Silent
  3. Some dudes swiped Danar Vorpadaran's custom swoop
  4. Who were that unidentified giant ship that shot at the Bloodsmiths, that had the electronic gabble on the comms channel? Hint: 01110101 01101000 00100000 01101111 01101000
  5. My right hand, wrist, and forearm are broken.
  6. One of my lightsabers is dead battery.
  7. Cloak Dude got away again.
  8. Vance Kerplocken's father in law is GRAKKUS THE HUTT wtf wtf wtf
Cloak Dude appears to be half-Faleen. This is, of course, biologically impossible.
Really not, dear. I keep telling you!
The tentacle face dudes supposedly call themselves "Eborreans" or something like that?

Character(s) interacted with

  • assorted locals to Undercity
  • assorted locals to Port Greymouth
  • assorted former miners and transport crewmembers, no longer enslaved
  • Cloak-wearing assassin Vishan Pel who might be Falleen, half-Falleen and half-human, really into theatrical prosthetics, or something else entirely, but the important thing here is that they are determined to wreck Vanya and Vance and Vondromas and anybody else available. They murdered the Eborrean whom I had just talked into trying a non-brain-eating method of survival.
  • Mine administrator Dack Dontin at Port Greymouth on Monorik VI
  • professional slicer Sapik
  • Deceased but persistently bodysnatching former Sith Lord Darth Errol Vondromas
  • Zaye, who now claims the family name "Kerplocken", whose father Grakkus put out a live bounty on me which Mr. Fett is collecting
  • Aerena Kolene
  • N8-4C0
  • Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba of the Jedi Order
  • Spukamas
  • Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam of the Crimson Knights
  • Lord Danar Vorpadaran a.k.a. Vance Kerplocken
  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora of the Jedi Order


Vanya's eventually going to have to face the major flaw in her oh-so-careful Galactic Empire education which taught that "Hybrids are a fictional impossibility".
Report Date
21 Jul 2018
Primary Location


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