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Suqara is one of the largest still active cities in Sabiralsahra, rivalling even the jinn settlement of Madinat Aljamr. It is the center of a massive trade network, stretching across the sphere of Sabiralsahra and beyond.   The inhabitants of Suqara are primarily human. The life of the average Suqaran is good, with even its poorest citizens having their own home and food on the table. The government takes pride in using the vast wealth the city garners to secure its citizens' well-being, something that is quite the article of faith among the people.   It is also a city of many faiths, with differing churches, temples and similar co-existing in peace, even if it is occasionally a tense one. These richly decorated religious edifices attracts many pilgrims, filling the city's coffers even more.


Most inhabitants are humans, with a significant amount of them being Suqaran. Some Qawramalian and Rishine also settle in the city.   A fair few ogres also live in the city, many living off renting themselves out as bodyguards and hired muscle.   Few jinn live in the city, mostly of the more agreeable and social Jann tribe.


Suqara is ruled by it's king or queen, a hereditary position for the most part, though some rulers have named non-family members as heirs when they felt their own children weren't up for the job. The royals are supported in this role by a council of sages and advisors, including everything from economists to the shrouded ophidian acolytes to clerics of all the kingdom's many faiths.   Under them serves a network of people whose jobs it is to bring their designs to fruition, including everything from guards enforcing the law to architechts initiating projects.   The laws of Suqara weight econimic crime very lightly, with fines and reprimands being the worst. Due to the city's, and by extension its citizen's, great wealth, the general attitude is that any such losses can easily be replaced. Harm against a citizen, however, is a grave offence, with the most serious perpetrators being sent to the grim prison of Fida to work of their sins.


A great wall surrounds the city on all but the waterfront, which is defended by tall towers and warships instead. These walls have had to be moved a couple of times as the city has grown.

Industry & Trade

A variety of industries, ranging from metal work to food processing, takes place in Suqara. The people there trade in just about everything, with ferromond being one of their must lucrative exports. Many things are imported, the most important being preserved foods and weaponry, especially as the Suqaran people have taken to the use of firearms.


The city of Suqara were constructed by the jinn at the behest of their rebelled slaves, as reparations at the end of The War of Broken Chains. It lacks for nothing, with spacious roads, well-designed sewers, large docks, fountains and many facilities. The people of Suqara have aimed to expand these facilities as the city has slowly grown, maintaining the standard set by its original creators.


The city is divided between a palace, which also includes surrounding noble estate, the docks, the markets, the holy district, where most religious buildings are located, and the commons, which still looks like a upper class neighbourhood by most standards.


Suqara is an incredibly rich city. As part of creating it, the jinn stuffed the city's coffers with gemstones, precious metals, valuable spices and other such things, which allowed the people to fund a massive merchant empire. A lot of the kingdom's wealth is also funelled into benefitting its citizenry. The people of Suqara tend to be healthy, well-fed and happy.   Suqara also places a heavy empathis on faith and many deities have representatives among its clergy. These deities have given many blessings to the city for their faith, which they draw upon both in times of peace and conflict.

Guilds and Factions

The binders are of the higher class, educated in the secrets of ensnaring teh essence of Jinn. In theory, this is only to be done against jinn criminals who ahrm the people of Suwqara, but some corrupt binders do exist who use their knowledge to bind and sell prized jinn slaves. Most of them worship the divine sisters Frigga and Freya.   The military defends the city and most soldiers worship deities such as Miaephon, Frigga and Maya .   The Ophidian Acolytes are a sect of Maya worshippers, who in return for their devotion are protected from the ravages of the Black Rot. Most aim towards oneness with their deity, to eventually shed their humanity entirely and ascend.


Suqara was created in 1885 AIT at the conclusion of The War of Broken Chains, when Miska, having bound the leaders of the jinn, demanded three wishes fulfilled as reperation to the people that had been enslaved. One of these wishes was for the jinn to create a grand city, supplied with everything the people could ever need. the result of that wish is the city of Suqara, the heart of the Suqaran kingdom.

Points of interest

Dalsiha: A notable forum for the city's healers.


Tons of travellers flock to Suqara. As a city with a general high level of faith, religious people often pilgrimage here to see its ancient temples and sanctuaries. Other come to buy and sell on its vast markets, hoping to make a mint or find something interesting. Others just come to see the city itself, wandering its many breathtaking vistas.


The jinn designed Sabiralsahra with an eye towards comfort. The streets are spacious and laid out in an easy to follow way. The buildings tend to be decorated, stone and metalwork engraved with intricate patterns. The Suqarans have aimed to continue this tradition with all new expansions to the city.


Suqara is located by the cost. The immediate area around it is lush and green, though not far from the walls streth the Sahran desert.

Natural Resources

Nearby quarries are used for raw building materials. The immediate surrounding landscape has proven fruitful for growing dates, grain and other plants. The sea is bountiful with fish.
Founding Date
1885 AIT
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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