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Born from the spectrum of the world heart light incarnated in a fiery body, jinns are powerful magical beings with divine powers and strong personalities. They thrive in the hottest regions of the world and use their powers to create awe-inspiring palaces, massive libraries and endless gardens of delight for their own amusement. These powers also means that despite having many mortal needs, such as requiring both food and sleep, jinn rarely lack for anything, which can make them seem somewhat detached.   As individuals, jinn derive a lot of their base personality from the color of their fire, which in turn often determines their tribal affiliation. This flame also determines which powers they may develop and how strong they can become.    Jinn are often rumored to be able to grant wishes, though this is not entirely true. What is true is that jinn culture values reciprocity and thus in return for service rendered, jinn are more than willing to use their vast powers to assist. One should be careful not to abuse a jinn's trust or generosity, however, or one might come to understand just how dangerous a wish can be.   If they deign to engage in battle, jinn trust their supernatural fortitude to keep them safe while bombarding the opponent with magical tricks. Even in melee they augment their natural claws and teeth with magical spells, especially fiery ones.

Basic Information


Jinn can have many varied forms, which each tribe having their own preferences. However, they in general have two legs and two arms and a head. More powerful jinn also have wings. Their very resilient bodies takes color after the flame they were born from.  As beings born of fire, they can handle even the harshest heat without problems, but show a distaste for water and especially cold. Jinn are infused with divine power and can draw upon it to perform astonishing feats, building castles in mere hours or forging weapons beyond what any but the most legendary smith could do.

Genetics and Reproduction

Jinn are born from the warmth of a world heart. Divine energy drips to the ground below in the form of a colored flame and where it lands a jinn bursts into being.

Growth Rate & Stages

Jinn are born with adult bodies, but their minds are often very blank aside from certain instinctive knowledge. Other jinn try to find them as soon as possible so they can be educated and raised in a supportive environment, but that does not always happen.

Ecology and Habitats

Jinn prefer to stay in very warm areas. Deserts are a favorite, though savannah regions and volcanoes can also play home to them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Jinn consume fuel, usually in the form of chipped wood, lumps of coal or similar, which they process in their fiery stomach.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Jinn gather in groups called tribes based on the color of their fire. Jinn of the same colored fire tend to have personalities that harmonizes with one another and thus provides a more stable social group. Jinn still interact inter-tribally, though these relations tend to be more prone to developing conflicts and clash of personalities.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Jinn are a common race and found on many spheres

Average Intelligence

Jinn are a sapient species. Their minds are sharp and with excellent memory and are notably smarter than the average human, though their personalities tend to be comparatively eccentric.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Jinn have eyes, ears and a nose. Their eyes draw strength from the fiery nature and they can see through smoke with ease.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Jinn names tend to represent a concept, like an experience, an act or similar. Since their native tongue is one most races have trouble speaking, they often need to translate their names in order for others to use it. And when translated, this usually results in their names being rendered in long sentences, so these are usually shortened to something easy to remember.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Wish-Granting: While not capable of just bending reality to their whim, jinn have the capacity to do many things other races can't. If a jinn is given aid, they will often return the favor by offering a number of wishes, one to three being the most common.

Common Taboos

Ingratitude: Jinn culture value reciprocity. A jinn who is given aid owes a favor, unless the aiding party declines being given aid in return. And even so, the jinn must be ready to aid them when they need it. However, should a jinn owe favors to someone of detestable nature, there's no taboo against twisting the favors into torments.
Scientific Name
Spiritus Ignis
Does not age
Average Height
1.8-2.2 meters
Average Weight
50-70 kilo

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