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Sabiralsahra is a warm sphere of vast deserts and old mysteries. Home to a variety of humans, jinn and ogres, it is most well-known through other spheres thanks to the diligent merchants of Suqara. Even in many far flung markets, one can find dried fruit, coffee, precious metals and magical devices that have been shipped out from this great trade city.


Sabiralsahra is a sphere with a very warm climate and most of it is dominated by wast stretches of desert, with the oceans of the sphere taking up the second largest part. Tall mountain chains create valleys and dales that get enough water to support a variety of plantlife, while various islands and oasises support a cavalcade of lush greens.


Sabiralsahra is a dangerous sphere, with most lifeforms having to adapt to the extreme heat. Many creatures cling to the areas of greenery, while others are nomadic, moving from place to place. Water is of great importance and many such wandering animals are capable of storing it in their bodies for vast amount of times.

Localized Phenomena

One of the things most noted about Sabiralsahra is that its world Heart gives birth to a vast amount of jinn every year, in far greater numbers and far greater variety than other spheres with native jinn populations. It is unknown why, but it has made the sphere a cornerstone of jinn culture.

Fauna & Flora

A wide variety of animals call Sabiralsahra home. Camels and desert elephants roam the sands and sparse savannahs. On Rishinile grow the sonorous melody trees

Natural Resources

The mountains of Sabiralsahra are rich in minerals, the most precious being ferromond. The areas blessed with water produce a variety of fruits, many of which are dried and sold off-sphere.


In the oldest of know days, the sphere was dominated by the five tribes of the jinn, who ruled over everything. Humans and ogres were kept as slaves and pets.   This eventually led to the The War of Broken Chains in 1879 AIT, which resulted in the liberation of humanity and ogrekind, as well as a great diminishing of jinn society. To maintain the peace, the humans formed the binders, a noble class entrusted with the secrets of binding jinn into forced servitude. The jinn formed the Hamia, whose job it was to ensure that no jinn would be unjustly imprisoned. Thus these organisations would, theoretically, keep each other in check   In 2993, a part of the Hamia called the Pride broke off, intending to upset the peace and take back the secrets of binding jin from humanity. They were eventually defeated when their attempted attack on the Sabiralsahra Summit of 2993 failed.


Sabiralsahra attracts many adventures and treasure hunters, who wish to comb the sands for the possibility of jinn treasures. Suqara also attracts a lot of people, eager to see the wonders of the jinn-wrought city. Rishinile is a bit more isolate, but many find the magical island worth the trip.
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