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Maya (a.k.a. Mother Linnorm, The Primordial Snake, The Scaleclad Hunter) (She/Her)

Maya is a primordial deity, a goddess born in the very first years of existence as everything settled into place. She is one of a dozen ophidian deities, collectively making up the pantheon known as Life's Coil.   Maya is a warm, nurturing and generous person, who believes that life is something to be experienced and enjoyed, not just survived. She and all who worship her therefore seek to eradicate misery and sadness wherever it is found. Whether it be through good food, good sex, the love of one's life or similar, she seeks to provide it. However, she is also a deity of the hunt and the death that follows and she is every bit as predatory as the snakes she resemble. She sees hunting, and by extension death and destruction, as parts of life. While always willing to give a chance for redemption, those who earn her ire are hunted down and consumed.   Long ago, Maya gave birth to the linnorms, a species of great snakes who revere her as their patron goddess.

Divine Domains

Hunting, Trickery, Destruction, Snakes, Linnorms

Holy Books & Codes

The Fabulous Bringjoys: One of the holy books of Maya, this thick tome is a historical catalogue of various forms of parties, hoe-downs, shindigs, festivals, soirées, orgies and other such events from different times, cultures and species. Priests consult it for ideas and for understanding so that they might craft events that brings fun and joy to their fellows. The last couple of pages are always blank, so that the owner might fill in their own notes.   Maximizing Utility: A bit of a dry read by Mayan standards, this sacred technical manual is filled with instructions on how differing materials can be reused and recycled, ensuring that its owner does not waste anything unnecessarily. The occasional joke does help it from being completely joyless and many Mayans keep a copy at hand for when they themselves run out of ideas. Like most such Mayan books, pages in the back are left blank for note-taking.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A snake with an arrow in its mouth encircling a bow

Tenets of Faith

The main tenets of Maya's religion are encouragements for people to enjoy life and help others enjoy it too. Mayan religious groups often arrange for festivals or other social gatherings to help liven the community spirit. More martial branches of the faith train their skills in hunting so that they can take down threats to their society. The mayan faith also encourages avoiding waste and finding ways to breathe new life into old things.


The Festival of Life: Held after the latest harvest as soon as it is practical, the Festival of Life is a big celebration of fun, joy and happiness. Mayan priests arrange for giant open buffets, wild dancing and other such hedonistic pursuits, with the local population encouraged to drop all work for a few days. Performers and circuses are invited to town and many such wandering groups keep an ear out for when the local festivals start out, as it is always a good opportunity to earn coin.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Maya is a master of poisonous substances. Not only is she herself immune to any poison, she can synthesize any venom she can think of and deliver it through her fangs. While this has obvious applications during her hunting, it also allows her to produce alcohol and safe drugs for her followers to enjoy. She can shift her size and her divine form can become large enough to wrap an entire sphere in her coils.

Specialized Equipment

Snakefang: Maya's personal divine longbow, a favored tool of hers on her hunts. It is always size appropriate for her current shape, meaning at any given moment, it can fire arrows from as small as needles to as large as buildings.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Maya considers herself a goddess


Pansexual and polyamorous. Maya is a sensual woman who loves physical pleasures and has been with many partners throughout her long existence, both casual flings and long-term engagements. She's into a little bit of everything, with a preference for orgies and using her snake-like physique to restrain her partners.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Gave life to the linnorm species

Morality & Philosophy

Believes life is meant to be experienced and is very hedonistic. Loves physical pleasures, but abhors waste. She's kindhearted and friendly, downright motherly towards those she cares for. She is also predatory and a hunter beyond compare, more than willing to utterly destroy those who offend her.


Unnecessary waste. Maya understands that life feeds upon life and is herself a predator. She also understands that some waste always happens and that is part of the natural cycle. But wasting ressources for no good reason, such as hunting for sport and leaving the carcass to rot or inconsiderably polluting a natural area, angers her considerably.


Social Aptitude

Maya is very extroverted and social. It is not uncommon for her to manifest an avatar at parties in her honor. She engages with her fellow deities as long as they have some form of common ground.


Tends to refer to others as "Little One". This is meant affectionately and Maya truly is both large and old enough to dwarf most other beings in either aspect.
Divine Classification
Primordial Deity
As old as time
Circumstances of Birth
Born during the dawn of time and is thus a primordial deity
As a deity, can change her biological sex at will, but female is her go to biological sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White and black scales
9000 kilometres long at most
Known Languages
As a deity, Maya can communicate with any being she desires

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