Bullseye Baerith

Why yes, that is a hand cannon poking you in the back of the head. Now, be a good boy and hand over your valuables or things can get very messy.
— Bullseye Baerith
robbing a trader

One of the best hand cannon shooters on Shireon, Bullseye Baerith is one of the better-known members of the Stormfeather Lodge.

A Pirate's Life

Baerith was rather young when she joined the Stormfeathers - she was maybe fifteen when the Raven Lord asked Admiral Eura to accept her as a favor in AE 2087. Who knows what that agreement really entailed - that's between the Raven Lord and the Admiral. In any case, Baerith was allowed to join the Stormfeathers, even though she was probably a bit young.

The following years she as trained in the noble art of piracy, until she was allowed to become a full Corsair in AE 2091. It didn't take long until she grew tired of being in a crew and became a Freelancer instead.

This is when Baerith started disappearing for gradually longer periods at a time until she almost disappeared completely around AE 2105. Nobody seems to know where she goes or what she does while not in Stormfeather territory.

A Hand Cannon Expert

Despite everyone's warnings about the dangers of the gunpowder devices, Baerith has always been fascinated by hand cannons. She started practicing shooting with them as soon as she was old enough to be allowed near one, and have never looked back. As most other people are afraid of the things, this makes her one of the best, if not the best hand cannon shooter.

Because of her skill handling and firing hand cannons she works closely with Rathal's Gunpowder Emporium as they try to develop safer and more deadly weapons. Her end of the deal is that she gets to play with the newest technology first at a heavy discount - if she pays anything at all.

Unknown, assumed mid to late thirties

Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Kuprian (fluent)
Southern Asharian (not very fluent)
Lenthiri (good enough)
Vulborish (fluent)

Favoured by the Raven Lord

I don't know. She must have done something to make the Raven Lord like her so much. If I didn't know better I'd think they were related by blood.
— A Stormfeather

As much as she will deny it when mentioned, there are clear signs that Baerith and the current Raven Lord, Oci are on very friendly terms. Although it doesn't seem to be any romantic ties between them, it has been speculated that they might be related by blood, somehow.

If they aren't, they are at least good friends.

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