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Throughout the centuries, the very act of living a life apart from the rest of humanity, shrouded in magic and occult secrets, witches and warlocks have developed their own way of dialect. It is spoken in the halls of the Shadow world or in coffee shops right here on earth, both to hide their meaning and condensing complicated topic to a few snappy words.   It's ever-evolving, often picking up phrases from popular culture or events in either world.
  Mage, Witch, or Warlock - Common terms for any flavor of magic-user or spellslinger, used interchangably... Though everyone has their favorite term. Other terms might include; Seer, sorcerer (supreme or otherwise), technomancer, and so on.   The Prime - Our world; mother earth, a place of cellphones, math, and rational, logical rules (something not always true of its inhabitants)   The Shadow - The occult world which lies ontop of the Prime like a sheen of oil, co-existing but separate. Where monsters hide before emerging underneath your bed.   The Beyond - A world beyond the Shadow, home to gods and devils, monsters and magic. Believed to be the heart of Creation, with the Prime nothing more than a shadow cast from its light.   Greybeard - An old, male wizard with Gandalf-esque attributes.   Grognard - An old wizard, who is really damn cranky about it.   Walker - A mage who frequently travels between Prime, Shadow, and the Beyond.   Stiff - A zombie or other corporeal undead.   Spark - Someone who has the potential to become a mage.   Pact - A short-term contract between a mortal and a monster.   Patronage - A long-term contract version of a Pact, and usually trouble for everyone involved.   Relic - An enchanted wonder of any description.   Spook - A wizard or witch employed, usually under vague terms, by some corporation or government.   Mule - Someone who specializes in the logistics of getting mundane goods from the Prime to the Shadow, or extrordinary goods the other way around.   Juice - Magic power or endurance. Grognards hate this one.   Ghostbuster - A mage who specializes in hunting monsters in the Prime. Other terms include: Winchester, Scully and/or Mulder...   The Right Hand Path - General term for magic that is, broadly speaking, helpful.   The Left Hand Path - General term for magic that is, broadly speaking, harmful.  
And using either term is a sure-fire way to start endless debate and conversation about the true nature of magic. It is, to put it lightly, a controversial topic.
  Leech - A vampire. Other terms include; Fang, mosquito, or sucker.   Boy/Girl Scout - Applied to walkers who go out of their way to help the Lost   The Lost - Regular mortals who have somehow found themselves in the Shadow or, very rarely, the Beyond.   Resurrectionist - A mage in the business of acquiring arcane reagents from corpses.
  Spookish A breed apart from other warlocks, Spooks are (nominally) employed by some government, corporation, or other organization - though their employee in question rarely grasp exactly what it is they've hired. As such, the lingo of Spooks tend to include a lot more corporate and military jargon, adding a second layer of obfuscation to any conversation.  
Especially with spooks that works for any form of intelligence service.
Profession | Jul 22, 2021

Spooks are wizards, warlocks, and witches who use their magic for a corporate or government peycheck. They are the MiB, the web of conspiracies, the poor bastards who has to go out and get that rampaging monster.


Regional Dialects

Just as mages come from all parts of the world and every walk of life, the language used it just as varied and tied to local customs and traditions. Since the invention of the internet, there's been a lot more cross-pollination between different parts of the world and the slang used... Much to the annoyance of traditionalist grognards.  
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