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Story Arc 3: Criminals in King's Lake

General Summary

This took several sessions.   Aranil and Neshik went to the city King's lake to drop off the temple donations that Neshik collected and spend some of their money.   Jaromir the local head of the Keepers, sent over Udom to be Duke Cezerary Zimoz's new chaplain and asked if Neshik and Aranil if they would help deal with the organized crime problems in King's Lake.  They were two warring crime lords whose rivalry was bleeding the city dry.   Neshik and Aranil did some detective work to try to figure out who the rampant criminals were working for.  Some tailing work, and asking a lot of questions of a lot of people, they managed to help nab a couple criminal agents.   Their single was for Aranil to pretend to be a generic elf on Rumspringa, finding more loose lipped criminals, befriending them in bars and buying them lots of drinks.   We got a new player joining in about half way through this so we The Purple Cowed that she was an old friend of Neshik and Aranil and they bumped into her randomly in King's Lake.   They caught a few low and mid level criminals, including busting someone for trading in black market tengku eggs.  This became useful later as this was enough to convince Reeyak the tengku to become an informant.   The climax of the story is when Aranil, using an invisibility scroll clandestinely listened to Wenham explain the details of a major heist in great detail, but Wenham smelled a rat and used this to set up an ambush.   Aranil, Neshik, and Svetlanna and several town guard did walk into a trap set by a hired invoker, Wenham, Nusuit, Etch and a bunch of thugs.  Two or three town guard died in a magical trap but Neshik was able to keep the rest alive with healing magic.  Svetlanna was able to kill Wenham and a bunch of other thugs and Aranil was able to (aided by some buff potions) incapacitate Etch and drive off Nusuitt and the hired invoker.  A bunch of low level thugs were killed or captured.   A conspiracy was unmasked that Etch the Metamorph an elaborate façade where he was playing the role of both "rival" crime lords as a cover.   King Henryk tried the many criminals.  Etch was executed as were some of his minions.  Others were given lesser sentences or pardoned for turning stool pigeon.  Nuisitt the gnome wizards is in the wind and managed to escaped with a bag of holding or two of loot.   The king rewarded the PCs by giving them medals of valor (and also turning a blind eye to the treasure they "liberated").

Rewards Granted

The player characters recovered a portion of Etch's ill gotten gains, gaining a few potions, a lot of gold, silver, and copper coins, a ring of protection, and a bag of holding.  They also got medals of valor and acclaim.

Character(s) interacted with

They talked to many of the priests in Fumaya's Nonagon

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