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Facing goblin attacks and assorted monsters, Duke Cezerary Zimoz felt like the Guardians have abandoned his land and people in their time of need.   Having received some recent aid from a Khemra associated adventuring group, Duke Zimoz opted to give the Fumayan Keepers a large monetary donation and casually brought up that his court was without a high ranking chaplain.   The Keepers took the hint and sent Udom after promoting him to Aurum.  Aurum is a veteran warrior in the Dusk Order.  Udom got along with Duke Zimoz almost immediately.  Udom is an advisor in the Zimoz ducal court and is now the acting marshal of Duke Zimoz's men at arms and is the primary trainer for Duke Zimoz's reservists.

Udom is a holy warrior of Khemra who was reassigned from protecting the temple in King's Lake to serving as marshal of Duke Zimoz's men at arms due to the political machinations of Neshik. Udom likes his new job and is a staunch ally of the Neshik and his companions.

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1799 CE 38 Years old
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