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Khemra spiritually affiliated creatures

Khemra Spirits

  Of all the Nine, Khemra is the least likely deity to send spirits to the mortal plane. Whenever possible, she prefers to act through her mortal agents, but she does deploy spirits from time to time. Khemra most commonly likes deploying spirits of wisdom. Most of her soldiers, healers, messengers and questing spirits are also spirits of wisdom.   Khemra does not pull punches when she does deploy spirits to do her bidding she  usually deploys powerful minions preferring quality over quantity.   Khemra has very few minions that are subtle. I figure most of her spirit minions would literally glow in the dark and most are associated with the dawn, dusk or midday. Most are regal looking and majestic. While not a universal weakness, many of her spirits are somewhat weaker at night than they are during the day.    

Khemra Creatures

  As of yet, I have not create a single monster or fantasy race that holds Khemra as their primary favored deity or their original creator. As the primary architect of the Compact, she has focused more of her effort on the primary race of Scarterra: dragons in the First Age , elves in the The Second Age , and humans in the Third Age .   So far, every other deity apart from Khemra has created at least one vanity race on Scarterra to embody the god’s or goddess’ ideals. If I come up with a good concept (or one of you comes up with a good concept) I will create such a race for her. While Khemra does frown on her siblings spamming the world with new races, I never said Khemra wasn’t a hypocrite. Also, Khemra could adopt a monstrous race initially created by someone else. Mera adopts Greymoria cast-offs all the time. Phidas has adopted more than a few cast-offs as well.   So far, I have only come up with two races that are overtly hostile to Khemra. satyrs and orcs. They are mainly against Khemra because they are pro-Nami.
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