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A Glowbolt is a small burst of Celestial Aura fired from a focus point of a Luminous creature. Glowbolts travel in straight lines and lose their intensity the further they travel.


Glowbolts deliver a modest, accurate payload of Aura from a large distance. They can be used in utility, offense, or defense. While they don't have as much raw power as Glowbeams, Glowbolts are more accurate, precise, and have a wider spectrum of power levels.

The affect of the bolt depends on its intensity and Luminosity. Mild Glowbolts can be gentle enough to extinguish a candle. Supercharged bolts can blast holes through doorways. Solar Glowbolts can cause fires, while lunar Glowbolts can have freezing effects.


Glowbolts look like short streaks of light. They are bigger the more intense they are. Their color is determined by their Luminosity.

Glowbolts travel between 100 and 200 feet per second. Their speed is fairly consistent and isn't significantly affected by their intensity. They are not affected by wind, which gives them an edge over traditional projectiles.

The further they travel, the weaker they get. The weaker the bolt, the sooner it dissipates, thereby limiting its range.

The rate at which a bolt weakens depends on the initial stability of the bolt, which is altered by the skill of the caster. Lack of focus, confidence, or experience can result in an unstable bolt, which will not travel far regardless of how powerful it was initially.


Casting a Glowbolt requires a celestial core and nexus with a focus point. How much Glow the bolt drains depends on the desired intensity of the bolt. Many low to moderately intense Glowbolts can be fired in quick succession.

Low power Glowbolts can be cast from two different focus points at once, though this requires exceptional focus from the caster. Casting too many bolts at once can risk Bloodburn.

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Effect Casting Time
Up to 200 meters with pinpoint accuracy
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Dec 28, 2023 23:01

I like how you have links to creatures able to cast it. Pretty handy.

Dec 28, 2023 23:23 by Aster Blackwell

Thanks! I'm glad you appreciate it <3 depending on how many creatures I end up with, I might have to revisit the formatting because I don't want the list to get too too long haha

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Yes it's definitely more accurate but has a more limited area of effect :D