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Fast, clever, resilient, and elusive, the Dunerider is the master of the desert. Its preferred environment is so brutal that it is rarely seen by people. It is the only dragon and likely the largest mammal that is exclusively native to the Great Desert.

Duneriders are a symbol of survival against all odds. They are proof that even in the most hostile of climates, life can persist--and even thrive.

Basic Information


The Dunerider is a small, slender mammal with dragon wings. Its body is covered in scales made of keratin. It has a long tail and neck and a slender head with large, bare ears.

It walks on four legs. Its feet resemble paws with no fur. It has blunt claws that do not retract.

Its wingspan can easily reach the total length of its body, rivalling the Royal Kite in wing-to-body ratio. Its wings are broad with slotted tips to allow extended, controlled gliding.

Facial Characteristics

Duneriders have forward facing eyes with slit pupils. Their ears are on either side of their head and can be rotated almost 360 degrees independantly. At rest, the ears point away from the face.

They have sharp teeth at the front of their mouth and molars in the back. They have two slits for nostrils at the end of their snout. They can close their nostrils to protect them from sand.

Wings & Flight

Duneriders use their proportionately large wings to glide just above the surface of the ground, leaving a dusty trail in their wake. The heat from the ground and the repulsion power of their wings create the perfect balance, allowing the dragons to maintain this low-altitude glide almost indefinitely.

As they glide, they watch and listen for prey animals. By hovering just above the sand, they can avoid alerting burrowed creatures to their approach. It also keeps their feet safe from the sunbaked surface.

Ecology and Habitats

Duneriders thrive where most other species wither. Their range stretches throughout the Great Desert, even into The Scorch. Their adaptability makes them suitable for all types of desert terrain, from scrublands to rocky crags to shifting sand dunes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Duneriders are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat anything that they can catch, forage, or steal.

They are most well known for predating on Scorch scorpions, which they are immune to the venom of. They have even been seen chewing on cacti when they can find it.

Duneriders are exceptional at hydration retention. They recieve all of the moisture they need from their food, and can spend their entire lives without drinking a drop of pure water.


Duneriders are curious and brave. They will eagerly investigate new features in their environment. They don't tend to be hostile unless provoked, after which they become fierce assailants.

Most Duneriders stay in a famiy group or remain solitary. Sometimes multiple family groups will live with or near each other. They are generally neutral to others of their kind.

They are most active at night, but do some roaming during daylight hours as well. They are most likely to be seen during the day of an eclipse.

A sun symbol made of simple orange and red shapes
Aza Symbol simplified (color) by Aster Blackwell
Solar; Aza
10-15 years
Conservation Status
Duneriders are so elusive that their true numbers are unknown
Average Height
12-14 inches
Average Weight
8-11 lbs
Average Length
21-25 inches
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Matte earthy colors such as sandy yellow and clay brown, with limited markings
Geographic Distribution

Beating the Heat

Their long ears and limbs increase the surface area on their body that releases heat. Their scales protect their skin from burns and possibly increase air circulation. Any internal adaptations Duneriders have haven't been studied. It is theorized that their bodies can function at much higher temperatures than other creatures. They may also have a very robust Celestial Core and/or Celestial Nexus that allows them to store lots of Glow without Combusting

Cover image: Artistic Depiction of Solar Dragon Wings by Aster Blackwell


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