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Aza (AY-zah)

The First Sun

Black line art of a sun symbol colored with red and orange
Aza Symbol (color line art) by Aster Blackwell


Aza is the largest of the two suns and glows a bright yellow-white. Aza is so bright that its sister sun, Sao, is almost impossible to see when it gets close to Aza.

Solar Aura

Aza produces the most potent form of hot Aura of the two suns. This output is consistent and powerful, and only drops slightly when eclipsed by Sao.

Because of its near-constant Aura output, Glowflora and fauna of Aza's Luminosity are at the greatest risk of combustion out of all Glowcreatures.

Alternative Name(s)
The First Sun, The Mother Sun, The Eldest, The Sun
Hot, very strong
Related Bodies

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Cover image: Aza Cover by Aster Blackwell


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