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Vocabulary Guide

Guide to vocabulary commonly used to describe SanZera. Not a dictionary for any in-world language.

This guide is meant to be used as a reference for the terms used on this site to describe this World. Note that while these words are just normal English words, they have different definitions here related to how they are used in the context of SanZera. This is not an in-world language and does not contain any words from any in-world languages.

Term Definition Example
Active Absorption (n.) The process of absorbing Celestial Aura intentionally; conscious Aura absorption A celestial core is required for an organism to actively absorb Aura.
Aura Field (n.) The portion of space near a Celestial body or an Aura-charged body in which other Aura-charged bodies begin to be affected. Monoliths are often so strongly charged with Aura that they produce their own Aura Field.
Aurasynthesis (n.) The process by which some organisms use Aura from any source to synthesize nutrients from chemical elements. Some species of Glowflora in the far north use aurasynthesis to make up for lost sunlight during the Dusk year.
Dawn Year (n.) Year during which the days get progressively longer; year of summer The suns don't set for most of the day during Dawn years in northern Sanoris
Dusk Year (n.) Year during which the days get progressively shorter; year of winter Many parts of Auzera that are miserable during Dawn years become quite pleasant during Dusk years.
Focus Point (n.) Location on a Luminous organism's body that more potently directs the release of Glow Releasing large amounts of Glow from a location other than your focus point can be very difficult.
Glow (n.) Aura that is being used by an organism Tyans use Glow to keep cool.
Glowless (adj.) 1. Unable to use or absorb Celestial Aura
2. Condition where a normally Luminous organism is unable to use Glow
1. Even if a species is Glowless, that doesn't mean that it can't be interesting or dangerous.
2. People who are born Glowless sometimes face prejudice.
Law of Celestial Attraction (n.) Charged Luminous bodies will be drawn to the center of Aura Fields that share their Luminosity. Because of the Law of Celestial Attraction, small monolith shards are drawn closer to large monolith spires.
Law of Celestial Negation (n.) Aura of opposing Luminosities cannot exist in the same body at the same time; a the more powerful Aura attempting to claim a body will expell the other Aura. Due to the Law of Celestial Negation, powerful blasts of solar Glow can completely dissipate a human's lunar Glow charge.
Law of Celestial Repulsion (n.) Charged Luminous bodies will be repelled from the center of Terrestrial Aura Fields. The effects of the Law of Celestial Repulsion are seen in floating phenomena, such as dragon wings, floating islands, and floating monoliths.
Luminosity (n.) The form of Celestial Aura that a Luminous organism or material responds to (either lunar or solar) Humans have a lunar Luminosity and lilthians have a solar Luminosity.
Luminous (adj.) Able to use, absorb, or otherwise interact with Celestial Aura Unicorns are Luminous mammals.
Passive Absorption (n.) The process of absorbing Celestial Aura automatically; unconscious Aura absorption Sky rays passively absorb Aura while they are flying.

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