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Avrodian Griffin

Avrodian griffins are a domesticated species of dragon found most commonly in countries within the Southern Wetlands and parts of the Sanori Grasslands. They were first bred in the Avrodian Peninsula, where their wild ancestors (now extinct) used to dwell.

Known for their intelligence and adaptability, Avrodian griffins are valuable mounts. They are owned only by the most skilled handlers.

Basic Information


Avrodian griffins are quadrupedal. They have four digits on each foot. Their hind legs are much bulkier than their front legs. Their front feet have long fingers that end in sharp talons. They have decent dexterity and grip strength in their front talons. Their hind feet are stubbier, with shorter claws and toes more equipped for traction than fine motor skills.

They have a long neck and a streamlined head shape. Their ears are pointy, with tufts of fur on the tips. Their mouth is a hard beak lined with sharp, pointed teeth. They have round, forward facing eyes with slit pupils--their eyes are often compared to a cat's eyes.

Their bodies are covered in fur, save for the lower half of their front legs and their beak. They have a long tail that has a thicker tuft of fur at the end of it.

Sexual Dimorphism

Male Avrodian griffins have a slighter build than females. They have larger and more ornate tufts of fur on their ears, as well as a thick mane of fur around the base of their neck and shoulders. Female griffins are bigger and much more sleek. Their smooth fur and toned muscles give them a graceful and powerful appearance.

Blue Dragon Wing by Aster Blackwell

Draconic Flight & Glow

Avrodian griffins can generate wings made of floatglass at will. Their wings are slotted and wide, allowing for quick turns and occasional bursts of speed. They can soar for a while, but have trouble flying with excess weight. They are not high altitude flyers.

Griffins primarily use their Glow for flight, but they can also fire small Glowbolts from their mouths. These weak bursts of energy have many potential uses. For example, herding griffins can use them to nudge livestock in the right direction, whereas guarding griffins can use them to scare away potential threats.

Genetics and Reproduction

"And right this way we have this year's newborn grifflets! Precious, aren't they? It's hard to believe that in a few short years, they'll be just as tall and proud as Big Jim!"

Avrodian griffins reproduce sexually. Female griffins give birth to two grifflets after a gestation period of 10 months. The grifflets are able to walk only a few hours after birth. They are supplied with milk from their mother for about 6 months, after which they are weaned onto solid foods. They first generate their wings and learn to fly soon after.

Ideally, grifflets have been socialized with people from the moment they are born. After they reach a year of age they will begin the training process to prepare them for their future tasks. Grifflets are considered mature and ready to be sold by the beginning of the next Dawn year after their 4th birthday.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Avrodian griffins are omnivorous. Typically they are fed a diet of grains, fruits, and vegetables, but they also enjoy the occasional treat of raw meat or eggs. They are known to not be picky eaters and have to be trained to keep their nose out of their trainer's dishes. Individual griffins often have a favorite food that they will do just about anything for.

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Additional Information


Avrodian griffins were domesticated in the Avrodian Peninsula thousands of years ago. The exact details of their origins have been lost to history. Generations of selective breeding have made them quite distinct from their closest extant relatives: the wetland griffin and the frost griffin

They have served as loyal guards, herders, fierce military units, hunting partners, and more. They are prevalent in the culture and history of Avrodia and many of its neighboring regions.

Most Avrodian griffins are still bred on the peninsula. Griffins from the homeland are considered to be "highly bred". Griffin husbandry is a respected tradition that is passed down through family lines. Popular bloodlines are known by the family name they originate from.

While breeders outside of Avrodia lack the reputations of those from the homeland, high quality griffins can still come from foreign sources. Foreign-bred griffins are cheaper, more accessible, and often just as good as those that carry famous names.

The Steeds of Dragon Hunters

Beyond Avrodia, griffins are known to be the preferred mount for dragon hunters: freelance hunters that specialize in taking down powerful Glowbeasts--particularly dragons. These people often keep to themselves and have shadowy pasts and intentions. Their griffin is sometimes their only companion as they spend weeks tracking dangerous creatures in the wilderness.

Genetic Illnesses

Unfortunately, centuries of interbreeding has had negative consequences. Avrodian griffins are at risk for many genetic ailments, such as forms of bone and blood cancer, muscular and skeletal deformities, and various neurological conditions. Some of these conditions can be fatal or severely detrimental to the griffin's quality of life.

Highly bred griffins tend to be at higher risk due to their more limited gene pool. Foreign griffins are becoming increasingly more popular as their more diverse stock produces healthier animals in the long run.

Average Intelligence

"I've tried everything. I changed the locks to his pen more times than I can count. I've hidden the feed bag in as many different places as I can think of. Once, I even hired a watch to see how he keeps getting out, but he memorized their shifts! At this point I'm fixing to give up and just let him eat as much as he wants..."
— Defeated griffin owner

Avrodian griffins are known to be wickedly smart. They are very observant and curious. They quickly become familiar with language, and can memorize at least a hundred unique commands. Their intelligence comes with a stubborn personality that makes them difficult to train. They are reluctant to obey an underconfident handler.

Once their respect is earned, however, they are remarkable companions. They only obey those they trust, and cannot be fooled by disguises--they use an individual's scent, voice, and face to identify them.

Griffins love work. They tirelessly assist their owners with tasks such as herding livestock, delivering mail, guarding farmland or estates, or even police work. An unoccupied griffin will quickly become bored, so when there is no work, they must be entertained with puzzle feeders or other enrichment tools.


Some Avrodian griffins have a talent for mimicking sounds. This ability seems to have a genetic link; with all the training in the world, some griffins will simply never be able to do it.

Usually they can only copy simple sounds like a dog's bark, a cat's hiss, or a bird's whistle, but especially talented griffins can mimic entire words. Some even learn the meanings of simple words and can use them to communicate. They can also make physical sounds like dripping water.

A moon symbol made of simple cyan and blue shapes
Nox Symbol simplified (color) by Aster Blackwell
Lunar (Nox)
Genetic Ancestor(s)
15 to 20 years
Average Height
4.5 to 5 ft at the shoulder
Average Physique
Lean and muscular with a proud stance
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, gray, silver, white, and any shade of brown imaginable, as well as numerous combinations of colors and patterns

Vonira Bloodline

Voniran griffins are known for their calm temperament. They are usually white, silver, or blue-gray in color. Their fur is sleeker and more uniform, and males have more subtle manes. Their appearance has been compared to a Dusk gemsteed.

Stovin Bloodline

One of the oldest bloodlines, Stovin griffins are highly prized. They are sometimes considered the pinnacle of Avrodian griffin genetics. They are large, strong, and typically reddish in color, though they sometimes come in rich black. Despite their glowing reputation, griffins from this bloodline are at high risk for genetic ailments.

Stovin Griffin Portrait by Aster Blackwell

Akyan Bloodline

Another very old bloodline, Akyan griffins are known for their variety and reliability. They come in almost any color, and while every specimen is not purely perfect, it can be trusted to lead a long, healthy, loyal life. Akyan griffins run on the smaller side. They make up for their size with a vibrant personality that many find humorous and others find aggravating.

"He's as stubborn as an Akyan"
— Southern Sanori idiom

Rodii Bloodline

A more recent bloodline to gain popularity, Rodian griffins have been bred primarily for aesthetics and temperament. These griffins may not be the best workers, but they are beautiful and much friendlier than the typical griffin. Rodian griffins have the widest variety of colors and fur types. They are more likely to be kept as a companion than put to work.

Griffins in Auzera

Avrodian griffins are an extremely rare sight in Auzera, especially south of the Great Desert. Descriptions of the griffin trickle down from the north, losing details as they go. By the time the idea of a griffin has reached southern Auzera, it has transformed into a completely different creature.

The "Auzeran griffin" is much bigger and stronger than a real griffin. It has feathers instead of fur, and eagle-like feet. It is fierce and mean, with a sharp beak that can stab through armor. It has a cat's eyes, a cat's ears, and a cat's tail. Its favorite food is raw flesh, and it can strip you to the bone at its owner's whim. It is a strange, fearsome creature that can only be tamed by those equally fearsome.

The negative connotations surrounding the griffin likely come from stories of encounters with police and military griffins (particularly Hartian-owned griffins). The griffins of dragon hunters are similarly mystified. Tales of the griffin's appearance and behavior can become so far from the truth that those familiar with them would not recognize a real griffin if they saw it.

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