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Nox (Nahcks)

The Second Moon

Black line art of a moon symbol colored in with blue and cyan
Nox Symbol (color line art) by Aster Blackwell


Nox is the largest of the two moons. It shines a silvery white color and has a very textured surface filled with craters and mountain ranges. On clear nights when Nox is full, its geography is startlingly clear. The shadows cast on its surface create strange and eerie patterns.

Lunar Aura

Nox gives off the weakest lunar Aura signature and has a long orbital period. Luminous organisms that use only the Pale or Shade Auras of Nox must deal with upwards of 20 days of little to no Aura. For this reason, most Glowfauna and flora aligned to Nox use both Pale and Shade Glow. Those that favor one or the other are either passive consumers and don't use Glow a lot, or use the Pale or Shade aura from Cyra in addition to Nox's.

Organisms of Nox's Luminosity are the least likely to combust out of all Luminous organisms.

Alternate Names
The Second Moon
Orbital period
41.3 days
1,341.7 miles in diameter
Related bodies

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Cover image: Nox Cover by Aster Blackwell


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