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Cyra (SI-rah/SEE-rah)

The First Moon

Black line art of a moon symbol colored with cyan and blue
Cyra Symbol (color line art) by Aster Blackwell


Cyra is the smallest and brightest of the two moons. Its surface is a beautiful marble of blue and white, giving it an icy blue glow. It has a quite short orbital period so it cycles through phases quickly.

Lunar Aura

Cyra radiates the strongest wavelength of Lunar Aura. While this offers more power, it also increases the risk of combustion. Most Glowfauna aligned to Cyra use active absorption. Coldglow dragons are almost always aligned to Cyra.

Alternative Name(s)
The First Moon
Orbital period
15.4 days
831.3 miles in diameter
Related bodies

Cover image: Cyra Cover by Aster Blackwell


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