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Bloodburn is caused by absorbing too much Celestial Aura too quickly. The overabundance of Aura damages the celestial nexus and can literally cause burns to internal tissue if it is allowed to escalate.


Bloodburn caused by hot Aura feels like fire searing through one's veins. Cold bloodburn feels like a freezing burn.

The pain starts as soon as one absorbs too much Aura than their body can handle. How long it takes to dissipate after the overload stops depends on how long it occurred for. If it was prolonged long enough to cause internal burning, it could lead to permanent damage and chronic pain.

Besides damaging the nexus, overloading on Aura also puts stress on the celestial core. Too much stress on the core leads to combustion, which ends in death.


Once bloodburn begins, the quickest way to stop it is to obviously stop absorbing Aura. The sooner one does this, the milder the pain and recovery process will be.

The individual should then wait to attempt to consume large amounts of Aura until all of their symptoms have faded. It is usually wise to wait at least 48 hours until the next attempt. The more damage the bloodburn caused, the longer the wait.

If the bloodburn caused internal damage, more complicated treatments must be used that depend on the location and severity of the damage. The patient will be completely isolated from any source of Aura during their recovery and provided with medications that ease the pain and promote healing.


Bloodburn is only fatal to fools. Most individuals are wise enough to quit using Aura the moment they start feeling pain. Those that don't suffer the consequences. Extreme cases of bloodburn could leave the celestial nexus permanently damaged, resulting in a reduced ability to use Glow or even complete Glowlessness. It could also leave the individual with chronic internal pain.

It is not usually bloodburn itself that kills. Instead it's combustion, onset by the extreme stress put on the celestial core.

Affected Species
Celestial Nexus
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